Question about yoga and meditation?

People have told me to get into yoga and do meditation. I have to be honest and have no motivation to do this on my own, I'm better off being with another group of people. I noticed there is a place in town that offers small classes, has a special going - $20 for unlimited classes for two weeks for new clients. There is a meditation class coming up in June and they are also offering a massage for $45 for an hour for new clients.

As most know my issue is this suffocation feeling all day long and night and every day going on 16 weeks now. Sorry I sound like a broken record.

I'm going over to this centre today to get some information.

Has anyone done both yoga and meditation and found it really helped a great deal? I'm looking at other avenues to get this suffocation feeling turned around in addition to seeing a therapist and a meds doctor.


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  • Hi, dont feel like your repeating to much! It's jot our fault we have anxiety I often feel like im bugging people too but a lot of my support gets it (luckily) . Yes , yoga and meditation helps so much! Hard to keep up with for me but I really does make me feel better idk about your case it may suit you differently but just give it a try there are free yoga lessons on youtube and free mediation courses too. Well I hope this helps at least a little! (:

  • Thanks lulu. The support here has been wonderful.

    I did get over to the centre and checked things out. It looks like I will go to my first session for yoga on Monday. She said there was a class tonight that would work out for me but I have to get an appropriate outfit first.

    I'm better off in a group setting - too many distractions at home. And the fact that this also gets me out of the house more, meet other people.

  • Aww thats so good for you! Great way to see it ! I want to be out going like that again . I would go to a class but I cant leave home somedays :/ ! Good luck with that I hope it helps! (:

  • One thing about my situation is I have never had the fear of getting out. It's just when I get out, I can't really enjoy stuff because of this stupid suffocation feeling all the time and at times chest tightening, head in fog at times. It's such a beautiful day also, I want to really be able to enjoy being out in the sun and warm temperatures.

    Are you seeing a therapist if you don't mind me asking?

  • I see yeah I feel hard of breathing at times and chest tightness but im just fine after I realize its my anxiety :/ && I am ive missed an appt tho im feeling way better and its kind of expensive it helped alot though(:

  • I keep telling myself it's anxiety, it can't kill me but that doesn't seem to be working. I think positive, keep myself busy for the most part, do deep breathing exercises, read "happy" books, watch "happy" tv, go shopping, take walks and still no change. I think because my issue has gone on for so long my brain is screwed up and it needs to be re-trained. I'm still not giving up. That's too bad about the therapy being expensive. I have a few sessions paid for by my husband's insurance otherwise I couldn't go.

  • Yeah I do the exact same thing i get out of it and fall back but like my counsler said it wont happen over night . I go out and im constantly thinking omg something bad is gonna happen but im still here and that makes me think im gonna be ok I had anxiety for 4 yrs but never this bad it got bad when I found out I have a condition called svt but that wont kill ne either but its hard to handle somedays your lucky you have your husbands support . Its expensive but we can afford it but my husband wont let me go anymore because he doesnt think its working :/ but it is

  • I'm sorry to hear your husband won't allow you to go to therapy. My husband still feels my problem is physical and not mental. He says this has gone on way too long now. On the other hand he knows I have to do what I have to do to get it resolved. I got a call from the cardiologist's office this afternoon. Since stress cardiac MRI won't be covered by insurance (they said no to it) there is another alternative that may be covered called stress echocardiogram so I will be getting a call over the next few days to see if I'm covered and if so an appointment will be set up. That will be the last test I have done for any physical problem. Good luck to you.

  • Hi,

    I have attended yoga classes for about 30 years, 26 years with the same teacher and whom I can't thank enough for the help she gives me.

    I don't do too many asana's (postures) as I am now 67 and have arthritis. Yoga has kept me sane in trouble times and has kept me supple, and I love the meditation part especially. She teaches a guided meditation and talks us through lots calming breathing etc.

    She also encourages us to be in the 'now', right here in this place, which is Mindfulness. I also attend a chanting class, once a month, which is so....calming.

    Go to this class you will gain a lot of knowledge, there is so much to yoga than postures. I tend to meditate, even if only for 10 mins, per day, but I would much rather be in a class.

    Good luck, I hope the class goes well, let me know how you go on, but don't give up after one session, if you think it isn't for you. xx

  • Thank you for your input. Lots of good information here and I'm glad it has worked out well for you. I will definitely let you know how it goes.

  • Iv'e done many things in my life & the best thing i ever did by far was learn mindfulness, mindful meditating, & emotions/feelings control..All learn't off utube, & all free..I know it might all sound a bit boring, but it was good enough for Bruce Lee!lol..Did you know it was actually that stuff that made him as great as he was, not just his martial arts skills.

  • I'm rethinking and I may just get down to it by using You Tube rather than get into a class setting, for the time being. Once I get over this constant suffocation feeling I could then look at classes. Hope that makes sense.

  • Well the guy where i got most of my info from, was a guy called Eckhart Tolle..He's a funny looking German guy who i nearly switched off after about 30 seconds, but now I've watch all his stuff..His info comes from Buddhism, & is 2500 years old info!..At the same time as learning his stuff, if i we're you I'd join some classes as well..Double Whammy it, & meet some new friends while you do it....Utube: "Eckhart Tolle anxiety and fear" (should be a 17.05 min vid), & see what you think to it..It is a hard concept to grasp, & does take a while but well worth it buddy.

  • My thing is with this suffocation feeling along with tight chestness, sore throat and chest pain, doing the yoga exercising might be really uncomfortable. I couldn't enjoy it. Maybe the plan for now is to take up meditation for the time being, look at getting a nice massage and once this darned suffocation feeling is resolved along with soreness in throat to then look at the classes for the future. I hope this makes sense.

  • Yoga may be helpful, please ensure you find a good teacher. One that is fully conversant with your medical condition. Please don't rush into Meditation. please do not practice from a book or video. You tryto attend a class first where the teacher is able to guide you step by step.

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