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I really can't wait :-)

Hello all, I really can't wait to have that positive pregnancy test and I really hope it doesn't take ages to get it. I'm really looking forward to being a mom again, I love my boys to bits and even thou there 11 and 7 I know there will be a good age gap between them. This time last year I never thought I wud get any better as my anxiety was really bad, I didn't c myself at that point being where I am now. It's been such a up and down journey and a long one. I still get it from time to time but I've learned to cope with it and I know if it was bad I did be straight back to the doctors back on my tablets. I have told the doctor that I did think about going back on them but because I feel fine if I need them again the future I will go back before it gets as bad as it did last time. I have wanted another baby for a long time but having going to my sister's first scan with her and seeing her baby on the screen it's made me realise I really did want to go for it before I get any older. I'm 31( 32 the 25th of this month) so maybe I will get a positive on the day of my birthday. I know I'm going back in the routine of doing bottles, nappy changes and night feeds but all that doesn't bother me. I am actually looking forward to it. The only part I'm not looking forward to is the Labour but ay I've done it twice already. Anyway u all have a nice relaxing Sunday xxxx

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Oh Donna

Bless you , I hope you get a positive result as well :-)

I had a 6 year gap between my two girls & an 8 year gap between youngest daughter & son & to be honest I no some like them close together & I see the logic why , but I enjoyed the gaps as it gave me the time to devote & give lots of love & attention to each one & as they were of to school I had another one & could give them my attention all day

Also I was 31 when I had my son & as much as I love them all the same , I have enjoyed him the most because I was wiser & had more patience

I had the same thoughts of sleepless nights , bottles , nappies , but I had so much patience & was more confident having already had two , I didnt even notice I was doing it & it has gone so quick , he is now an adult

And 3rd time round when I went into labour , after I had cleaned the house through , cooked Sunday dinner , watched TV & then thought maybe I better go in now , I had got him in my arms a couple of hours later & again been older I remember thinking OK you no whats coming just get on with it & you no what , I didnt even notice been in labour much either !

So I hope you will find the same , I have a feeling you will

I will even be a little envious as I love babies :-)

Hope you will have some good news soon hun





Than .k


Thank u whywhy always kind words :-) there's about a 3 yr age gap between the boys. Brett was in his last three months of nursery wen I had ben. With brett my mom helped me alot but I was living there at the time and I had never really had a clue bit with ben I had my own flat. I can still remember now while doing his bottles I wud think this is all I seem to be doing is bottles but I think with my mom helping with Brett to it didn't seem like I was constantly doing them. I know like u say with the boys at school I can give the baby full attention untill they get back. I think I've more patience these days. I cudnt believe it wen the OH agreed and in his own words said it will be nice as we've planned it this time. The only thing is with planning it its all a waiting game xxx



I no what you are saying my girls were never planned , they were pleasant surprises :-)

Son was , took 2 attempts thats all ;-)

Back then , I was at the best I had been in years & my anxiety was at its all time lowest

So I no its not easy when you are wanting something , but try & not get to worked up & stressed as this as we no can delay matters

I no it will happen for you & just try & think when the time is right it will & it will be worth waiting for as well :-)

You have had two lovely boys , there is no reason why you wont get your 3rd :-)



I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I've got 6 yrs between my two. I was 29 with the first and strangely 35 when I had the second. I loved the gap, it meant I'd caught up with my sleep! I breasted both of mine, so no bottles to clean or make up etc. Did you know when you breast feed your hormones allow you to fall asleep quicker after feeding.

I loved having my children later because I think I had more patience with them! You will love having another baby in the house, do you think your boys will be attentive with the baby? Xxx


Hi winter, my youngest on hates babies but the older one doesn't mind. I breast Fed my eldest the first wk but thou his so called father I was really stressed and he wasn't getting enuf. With my second because of my experience with my first I done both breast and bottle which I will do again. I have enjoyed having my boys even thou I was in my early 20s but as whywhy says I'm older and wiser now. Hopefully I won't habe to wait to long xxx


What is it like to have kids when one suffers from anxiety? I just dont know if I should have babies with my depr tendencies..



I have had to think about your question & I suppose for me because I have always suffered with anxiety in some way , I dont no the difference really what it would have been like to have children without anxiety in the background

I can honestly say I feel we cope just as well & make good parents , well my 3 never seemed to have complained , other than the usual moans you have over parents

For me they are my world & the best thing I have in my life & I wouldnt be without them & seriously have no regrets & would do it all over again !

Some say having kids was the making of them others say different

I think its up to the individual , but if you really want children it has surprised me how I have coped over the years & they have been a major factor why I have kept going at times , so for me they have been a godsend

Sorry if this isnt the best answer , someone may have a better one when they read your question :-)

Hope you are having a lovely day :)



i think you have to decide what is right for you and this may depend on how much and how well you are supported. Are you in a stable, loving relationship. I know this is not everything but I believe it helps. Do you think your anxiety will stop/interfere with you loving and nurturing a child/children? Will you be able to put them first? How do you feel about the concept of having a child? How does it make your body and mind feel? Because in order to receive love you first have to give unconditionally.

I'm glad your thinking about it first though and not getting carried away with the idea and rushing into it

I know when I held my son for the first time that I had made the right decision. His smile obviously he was older and laughter often cheered me up when I felt down and he gives such fantastic hugs. It wasn't always easy especially 14-16 but with some outside support we have managed to survive as a family and I am so proud of him. He is in his 2nd year at uni studying genetics.

Mystery Reader


Thanks for your answers!you're happy mums. That's fantastic! Im in a stable and good relationship. He's supportive and has been for 12 years. Im 30 now and there is not much time left.. But sometimes I wonder if it isnot too egoistic to have a child when depression apparently runs in my family. Why would I give it to another person ? Im not happy and sometimes think that was selfish of my mother. She felt better when she had me . She had someone to live for. But im not a happy person and should I do the same ?


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