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Wow, I just can't win

So not only do I have to deal with anxiety issues 24/7 but now I'm going to have to call my dentist first up tomorrow morning to see if I can get fitted in as an emergency due to pain between a heavily filled back molar and the molar next to it that had a root canal done in the Fall of 2005 and was crowned. Please wish me luck with this.

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Ouch sorry to hear that, wishing the best and luck. :)

There's always something, but we got to keep on going.



Thanks. I just took 2 hydrocones and waiting for them to kick in. It's 12:33 am my time. Have to wait till 7 am I think before the office opens. Thank goodness for having these tablets that were left over from gallbladder surgery. Everything also seems to go wrong on a Friday. Does for me anyhow.


well hopefully you'll get some sleep with those.

Something about starting the weekends seriously it's seems I do as well :).


Im starting to feel a bit drowsy now so I should be kicking off soon. This as been a rough year so far and I was hoping it was going to be a great one compared to last year. Thanks again


Good luck!! I know that when we suffer from anxiety issues any other issues that come up are often magnified. all the best steve


This is what I have. It's called Atypical Odontalgia. I had this years ago also for a period of time and then it disappeared. Xrays all done and testing - all came up negative. I didn't have anxiety the last time it happened and it appeared after I had root canals done.


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