This can't just be anxiety?

Hi I've been having a really bad last couple of days, my derealization has gotten way worse and I have vision problems as well such as it vibrating:shaking and flashes of light and weird black blobs in my peripheral vision. Which makes me think I am in the prodromal phase of schizophrenia

I am also getting really bad intrusive thoughts which really scares me such as killing someone or doing something random. I also am constantly felling like I'm not myself ?? Like I'm pretending to be myself and forcing myself to act normally. I am always questioning myself as well like for example I'll go over my day and point out all the moments where I was not acting normal to myself and this convinces me further that I am in the prodormal phase of scizophrenia ?

I just feel like I'm in a dream 24/7 and nothing feels real do you think I have it ?? Help

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  • This sounds like anxiety. Severe anxiety can be the devil. I have been suffering with derealization for 6 weeks now and it's hell but I really try hard to keep on with my normal routine. I am also on medications. Just get that scizophreania thought out your head and work on lowering you anxiety. Thinking about other illness empowers derealization because you become more and more anxious and anxiety can have you thinking some crazy things.

  • Okay thanks I was just worried because I'm not acting normal and I'm saying what I think more is this still normal ? Thanks

  • the weird vision things could be schizophrenia, but i'd do more research on that mental illness before jumping to that conclusion. most likely they're just an effect of not drinking enough water or not eating enough/eating badly or some other minor health problem, so i'd look into those first.

    the not feeling like you're acting normal and that everything feels like a dream is probably not schizophrenia either, it's very likely it's just a bad case of derealization, like you mentioned in the beginning.

    i don't have any tips at the moment for helping with derealization or intrusive thoughts, but i get those too so know you're not alone and that it's not as bad as you might think it is. i wish you luck and hope you have a healthy and safe day/night! :)

  • Okay thanks I was just worried because I'm not acting normal and I'm saying what I think more is this still normal ? Thanks

  • I feel the same way all day every day for the last 2 months. I feel like sometimes I am loosing connection to life and it scares me even more. I had these feelings before while I was off my medications and meds did help getting rid of this feeling. I am hoping to go back on meds soon, currently on Busphar which is not working for me at all!

  • What medication helped before?

  • I was on Zoloft before which helped but I was still getting panic attacks. I should have not gone off Zoloft but should have just added Busphar. I was prescribed citalapram yesterday and going to start tonite along with the Busphar. I hope it helps because this anxiety is living hell. I feel jacked up all the time and in the afternoons my head always feels like it is about to explode

  • You sound like me ! I too fear that my symptoms are not just anxiety and I also have vision problems

  • Hi Sarah

    You have just described me when I'm having a really bad time with my anxiety. I would be washing up n when I picked up a knife I'd scare myself be thinking if I'd hurt someone with it. Also, I even googled schizophrenia, as I was convinced I had that. But when I had moments of feeling ok I'd tell myself it's all in the mind

    I'm reading a book, recommended on here, at the moment. Hoping it will help me. Big hugs 🌸

  • I suggest you go see a psychiatrist if you are worried that it could be a more severe mental illness.

  • Hi Sarah

    I've been where you are many times and I just want you to know you do not have schizophrenia. People who suffer from this don't actually realise they are. I have the exact same vision problems as you. I have also had derealisation and it's a very scary thing to experience, I know what you are going through. You are going through a really rough time and anxiety is the biggest bully. Just try to accept that you are suffering from chronic anxiety, and in time things will get better, it will pass. But it may come back and if it does and it probably will, again just accept it. Once I started practicing to just accept it my fear of it declined then the anxiety, intrusive thoughts, physical symptoms slowly start to disappear. It has taken me nearly 3 years to reach this point, so remember it takes time. Take care 😊

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