I Can't Handle Anything

So, thanks to anxiety, I woke up at 2 A.M. and since I had left the TV on I caught a shot of the election results. Well, since I have no coping skills at all, I went into a panic attack for a half an hour. Then, exhausted and anxious all day and dead inside. I have NO coping skills. If something upsets me, it triggers a massive over-reaction. What the heck? I am a freak!


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20 Replies

  • Hi! Welcome to my world! 😊

  • No,you are just like me.

  • I'm so sorry, but misery does love company. I am glad someone understands although I would take away all of your anxiety if I had a magic wand!

  • Thanks for understanding and listening. I really appreciate it. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness.

  • Thanks for understanding and listening. I really appreciate it. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness.

  • Whenever I wake up at 3am,(which happens nightly)to use the rest room,I always come back to bed with anxiety. I Tell myself,you cant think in the middle of the night. Everything seems worse than it really is at 3am.

    Even though I say that to myself,I am so afraid of having a panic attack.

    You are a braver person than I am. I succumb to Klonopin,a drug that helps me from having a full blown panic attack.

    We are all perfect anxiety freaks.

    Hope you fill up your bag of tools.

    You are not alone.

    Keep breathing.

    Heres a hug,


  • Right back at you. Hang tough and hugs.

  • Nothin else to do but

    Hang Tough,


    Thank You.



  • You are not the only one upset in the middle of last night. I did the same and have had doomsday thoughts all day. Even my daughter, who does not typically have anxiety, started early this morning with the upset texts about those results and throughout the day. You're not a freak. When you can't get back to sleep of course you're tired and spent by the morning. I usually give in and take a xanax. I hope you can catch it up tonight.

  • Bless you! I have heard so many people say they felt like there was a death or doomsday on Wednesday morning after the election. So, those of us with anxiety may have experienced a normal feeling even deeper. Ick!

  • I don't want to be political here and I apologize for that, but it is a valid anxiety concern for some. My life is pretty topsy-turvy right now so you're probably right, everything upsets me a little bit more. I'm trying to work now on getting everything less chaotic, more organized, so I can handle what comes along. Thanks.

  • Have u had your cortisol levels checked ??

  • What does the cortisol test do?

    What does it test for?


  • Cortisol is the stress hormone maybe it could be that

  • If cortisol levels are high, what can they do?

  • I am recovering from anxiety using many methods at the same time. I relate to what you say about not being able to cope with anything. I would shake just by hearing something bad. You see, your nervous system is damaged because of its over stimulation, it is tired because of the constant adrenaline rushes. You need CBT. I would also recommend listening to Claire Weekes audio books in the iTunes book store. They have gone a long way in helping to cure me. How this helps you.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Hopefulone

    Anxiety sufferers who follow and apply the teachings of the late Dr Claire Weekes will recover in full, the right way. Face, Accept, Float past and Letting time pass (ingrained in my mind) will bring cure by allowing Mother Nature to heal the mind and body in the same way it heals a broken bone. By following this path to a natural cure, you will no longer fear the symptoms of anxiety and nor will you continue looking over your shoulder worrying if it might return because it will no longer matter whether it does or doesn't. Cure is not about not feeling anxiety (it's a natural emotional reaction ) it is about not caring if it's there or not. Fear is the driver and responsible for every anxiety related disorder.

    People get anxious all the time but focus on the cause of the anxiety such as taking an exam or conducting an important presentation to an audience. They don't dwell upon the fact that they make feel sick, their legs may shake or their heart may pound away in their chest. Anxiety sufferers are more concerned about the anxiety symptoms because they have learned (tricked in most cases) to fear them. Remove the fear and normal thoughts and feelings will return. The only way to do this is to willingly accept all of the symptoms of anxiety and to do nothing about them e.g. Not adding more fear to the first fear flash. Easier said than done but entirely possible. The more you practice acceptance, the easier it gets.



  • Hi Sunnyg

    The only coping skill required to recover is to let go of trying to cope with it. Succumb, surrender, give up trying to control it, give up trying not to feel the way you do because all that it is doing is keeping the anxiety alive and kicking. Only by allowing all the thoughts and feelings to come but doing absolutely nothing about them will you start to recover. It is all the trying that keeps it alive so give up trying, give up the fight to control it all. Nothing will happen to you because the symptoms are completely harmless.

  • Bless you!

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