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I can't believe it !!!!

I really find it hard to understand what has been going on here. I just logged on and find two of our favourite people Winter and whywhy are leaving.They are so friendly and helpful giving good advice even though they have their own demons to deal with.

This site has been invaluable to me in helping me come to terms with my problems and having so much support from you all. I regard you as my friends.

We have enough issues of our own without this site creating more. It is supposed to be helpful and supportive.... seems to me overnight it has become the opposite.

I was going to blog on here today about how my anxiety has been on the rise this last week or so but these events have overtaken that.

This is beyond belief.

May the people who caused it be happy that I have lost two special friends and that you have upset them enough to leave.

Thanks a bundle. Julie

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Hi Julie,

Please don't feel that you cannot blog on here on how you are coping with anxiety because this site is here to help each other and I know it has and is still helping me loads.

Things do chance for lots of reasons on sites like this, but you have helped me in the past as well as others and I hope this will continue. Gardener x


Thanks Gardener,

The reason I didn't feel like blogging about my anxiety is that I was so dismayed at what had happened on here

I like to try and help if I can and give support and will continue to do so.

It just seems such a shame that some people on here have become so upset that they want to leave.

And....p.s.... I don't do change well!!!! Julie .xx


Hi Julie, cant believe it either Im hoping they will return in future this site won't be the same without them x

Mimii xx


Hi Julie

I found this site several months ago when I was at my wits end I really thought I was going mental

I don't comment and I've only posted once, but what I do, do

and is read others posts

it helped make me feel better always knowing that I'm not alone that all these mental worries that freak the hell out of me out are the same as others experience it helps me get a grip!

And what gives me the most comfort was reading the support given by the wonderful people who you mention above, I do hope they come back, there was a real feeling of helping one another on here real support! Given by real people

and I do hope we are not seeing an end to this. Sorry this was my first reply to a post :-/

Love Mel


Me too I feel lost and that makes my anxiety worse so we will all have to support each other x


Thank you for your replies... I was so appalled by what has happened I just had to write something and let people understand that this site was just fine before all this business started. It has supported me so well, particularly whywhy and Winter and I really don't want to lose them from here or that friendship we have built up.

Sure has caused a lot of trouble and more anxiety than we need. Hope you are all ok, Julie xx


Winter and why are the backbone of this site,I don't post anymore but look at the site every other day,Winter and Why always reply and give good advice and support.

Don't know what is going on.


Know how you feel Lindalou..... just not the same on here. They have been on the site a long time now and we all understood each other and helped each other.Then something happens to mess this all up. I feel I don't know this site anymore. Hugs to you, Julie xx


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