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I can't make friends

50 years ago (aged 13) I had a brain injury and went through a horrible time without any treatment ( I am male)

I used to say and do silly things for want of a similar terms

I was abused by teachers (not sexually ) and bullied by class mates the local vicar tried to sexually abuse me

I female friend of the family coerced me into a sexual relationship when I was 15 and I fathered a child with her I believe

My parents would not believe me

Allthough I am married (because I was expected to get married) I have never been able to make friends and still can't socialise because I can't trust people and I am constantly anxious

I am waiting for counselling but has any one got any help or advice

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HI Dill, I think sometimes when you are a nervous person, due to illness or injury, or even your upbringing it can mean you find you are anxious around people therefore meaning its hard to make friends, I say just be yourself as if someone will not like you for who you are they are not worth having as a friend x Donver x


Or could it be I have been used once too often


Hi there Dillm2,is the first time you have reached out for help/ advice ? If so ,you have lived with these thoughts all your adult live,I agree with Donver,people should like you for yourself,making friends would have maybe been hard for you with your past experiences,I hope you are happily married,that would be a blessing.


In May last year it came to light at my GP's that I had, had a life threatening Brain Injury but because the treatment was limited (mental hospital) I had essentially recieved no help, I have had some counselling but the counsellor was not sympathetic, I am now waiting to see another counsellor

ps I have found that people don't particularly believe that men go through what I have been through


Well you will know by being on this site there is a lot of men,anxiety ect has no preferences it seems,men and women are all vulnerable.

Have a good night.


Hi went to see GP (saw locum) today complete waste of time came away with impression was not important as I was a male


HI, Sorry to hear your gp was not supportive, this can sometimes happen when a locum is there and they don't now your case history or you properly x Can you go back when your usual gp is around. ? Please don't think its a waste of time as your male, there are a lot of men out there with anxiety and on this site to. It should make no difference to anyone what gender you are if you need help x I do hope you can go back and get some xx Donver x


I intend to raise this at the patients panel (I am a member) meeting


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