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Felt the need to check in

All the advice received last week was really lovely so thank you for that.

As a result of the break up and those horrible thoughts and feelings I were having seem to have finally subsided. Since I last spoke on here I have been to the doctors who have given me sleeping pills and are reviewing me weekly to see if I need the anti depressants. I have also had two councelling sessions and I went to a life drawing class to try and get myself into a schedule again by myself.

I think a lot of you will have picked up from my previous post that I was very attached to my boyfriend. I must admit I am still talking to him and right now i am unsure about what is best for me. I suppose I will learn in time for myself. It is very depressing for me knowing I have to get a ton of uni work done with the slight possibility of seeing him around uni, I am trying to avoid him at all costs because I know it will just upset me.

I am still waking up panicking but the sleeping pills have been a god send although I wished I could sleep all day.

I am starting to make some decisions about my new life by myself and I'm finding it quite excited although 75% of me still yearns for my ex. It is an incredible force and when I think about it it compells me to tears.

Still struggling but I think it's because I have to be at uni and I have to get my work done.


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Hey there

Sorry youre having a hard time, I haven't been on here for ages so missed your original post.

Breakups are horrid and my current anxiety state was brought about by the breakdown of my relationship. I have move further up north to be with my bf and given everything up... it was my decision to end it as it wasn't working and his mother made my life a misery... anyway enough of me...

So just wanted to empathise with you really, but you are young and your whole exciting life ahead of you!! Breakups are tough so don't be hard on yourself,,,,, but for now you have to think of yourself, getting your uni work done and finishing your degree..... Men come and go hun,,, just think of yourself!!

Take care Ker xx


Thank you. Always good to get some perspective from someone who has been through a similar painful time.

Just trying to be strong!



Hi Mulberry.

It's nice to hear from you again.I am glad the help and advice you got was helpful and you are getting on with your life.I hope everything continues to go well for you and you are able to have a anxiety free life.

Take care Kenny


Thank you : )


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