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Waking up in a panic

Is this a regular occurrence for most? I went to bed and felt no anxiety for the 1st time in ages (does this mean rescue remedy helped!?) Although it took me a while to drop off I managed to get to sleep, but woke not long after mid panice and horrible thoughts.

I ended up taking the last sleeping pill I have and dropped off. What can the GP give me for this? I know he's not going to hand out sleeping pills.

Have a good day all xx

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Hi Loo

It used to be for me & its awful I no

Now I seem to wake up with my brain waiting for me , but the panic attacks dont happen , but worry can be there , saying Good Morning :o

I think its still early days , maybe your GP might give you some more sleepers , they can all have different opinions on this one , I no sometimes they can be addictive & they would rather we learn other ways to cope , but I would certainly ask , you wont come away any worse of

I do wait till I am really tired before I go to bed , this can be as late as 2 in the morning , depending how I feel , but that way I do seem to get 7 hours full sleep

I hope your day gets better hun , make an appointment & go & have a word with them , you have nothing to loose & maybe something to gain





Thanks whywhy. I try go to bed when I'm super tired but it seems as soon as there's no noise around me by brain goes into overdrive.

Have an appointment on Monday. May ring though and explain. Hope you're having a good morning xx


I would Loo if you are feeling bad hun

Let us no how you go on



hi Looloo, Im suffering with this too at the mo and becoming a regular occurrence for me! Don't know what to do, just try and trust we will come through this and start to feel better. x


Hi kaz, yes it's too regular now isn't it. I'm sure one day we will overcome it. Sooner rather than later please :-)


Hi Looloo,

Just a thought but have you tried listening to something when you go to bed? Maybe a talk show on the radio, relaxation CD or a talking book. Sometimes these work for me.

Hope you find an answer soon



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