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Need help sleeping!!


So I literally haven’t ate or slept in 48 hours. The eating isn’t worrying me but I literally feel drained but I can not get to sleep! After everything that’s happened and me and my ex have 100% ended I just can’t get it out of my mind. Every time I think about him my heart literally sinks and I get panicky. I know it’ll be like this for a while and things will get better but can anyone recommend anything to help me start sleeping again? I don’t want to take any medication more natural remedies or anything off the internet? Please let me know if you have any helpful ideas!

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Sorry to hear about your trouble, i'm sure you will be fine, time is the only healer for now!

In meanwhile I would recommend what I am using, it works for me very well!

Spray or drops by Dr Bach

1.- Rescue Night Spray/drops

2.- Rescue Remedy Spray/drops

All from flower essence!!!!

Take care, love yourself! X

Ab2009 in reply to Ab2009

PS: You can buy these in pharmacies!

Morgjt in reply to Ab2009

Thank you so much! I do have rescue remedy but no night time ones! I’ll go get them from Tesco tonight and give them a go! Thank you again x

Ab2009 in reply to Morgjt

Try everything you can, our body and mind need a bit help and support in difficult times x

Wish I could help, but i'm in the same boat. Tried almost everything you can buy but nothing has worked that well. I think its a case of time will heal. Its a vicious circle the less sleep you have the harder you try to sleep the next night and that never works. Relax as much as you can (its not easy i know) and try not to force sleep. Hope you find an answer. x

Morgjt in reply to sarahjaneR

Thank you Sarah! It’s awful being constantly tired but no sleep, Ive not really tried anything so fingers crossed something works for me, I’m sorry it hasn’t for you!! Like you say hopefully time will help x

Morg, this isn't very romantic but the feelings you still have for your ex are a trick nature plays to bond people together for procreation and child rearing. That's all romantic love is. If the relationship ends we feel bad and sad for a time but the feeling soon attaches itself to someone new who you begin to feel is just as attractive, good fun to be with and as interesting as the previous one.

I did say it wasn't very romantic but it is the truth. And that's what will happen to you, you will meet someone new and you will feel for them everything you felt for the previous guy. That's life, things will turn out fine for you.

Morgjt in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you Jeff, it will get better but for now I just feel rubbish and just can’t seem to sleep! Which is then making me feel worse haha

Honestly the best thing to do is shut your mind off. Some people are able yo do that and some aren't . just try to forget about everything and sleep. Another option is to distract your way to sleep. Example would be watching a movie.... Other then that if it don't work out just take the medication

Morgjt in reply to Isaack

Thank you! I do like to fall asleep to the tv so I might try that tonight, it’ll take my mind off everything.

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