Sleepless night followed by a visit to the doctors

I had little sleep last night. Thanks to the thunder which came so fast and scared me to death. I've hurt the back of neck for sleeping funny, makes me dizzy again. The doctor was really listened to me and checked my ears, told him I feel off balance. Ears are full of wax and red so I got stuff for that. He said he will look into the counseling and told me to give it another few weeks before thinking about pills to help with my anxiety.


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  • Hi

    Well if you have wax in your ears & they are red that will be the answer to why you feel of balance , when what he has given you starts working that should improve :-)

    Well done you asked both questions :-)

    I slept funny last week & when I woke I couldn't move my neck to the right it was so painful !

    I rubbed deep heat & had to take painkillers at one stage , it took 2 days before it eased but it did , hope yours eases soon :-)




  • hello,

    well done at he doctors today, sounds like you got things sorted out. not nice to feel dizzy and yes ears are all to do with balance, so once your ears are cleared you should feel a lot better.

    Counselling sounds like a good first step as well.

    Gardener x

  • In fact my doctor told me off in a jokey way for not coming in sooner when feeling this way. He has given me pills to take the infection away and olive oil to clean the remaining wax away. I feel once this done I will be better :)

  • I hope the ear stuff starts working soon, take care xx

  • Hi

    I'm glad your finally getting things sorted out, give it a few days and the ear meds should start working. If you feel you can carry on without taking meds for your anxiety then good for you. I hope you are able to get counceling soon.

    Take care Kenny xxxx

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