Can't handle the anxiety and panic anymore i'ts ruining my life!

I am new to this forum. I am sufferring from panic disorder, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and cronic fatigue syndrome. I am in such a low place right now and I don't know what to do. I have suffered like this for 15 years, taking every type of medication, practiced breathing exercises. Nothing is working. I am scared all the time, cry all the time, cannot sleep or eat. Have fear of dying that makes me crazy. Is there any hope this will ever end?


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  • Hey S2D,

    I know exactly how your feeling. I suffer from GAD and health anxiety. I've had panic attacks, extreme stress/worry etc.

    I had been like this for around 15 years also, after my trigger event. During last autumn when I gave up smoking my GAD went berserk I suffered a breakdown and had to take time of work to recover.

    The good news is that I manged to get the help I needed and I now have understanding and a army of tools to manage my GAD.

    So although my GAD has not ended I can still have a normal, happy and mostly stressless life :-).

    To help mange my GAD I used relaxation techniques self CBT and I had private counciling.

    At first I was also under a mental health nurse, who was extremely helpful.

    Have to tried any CBT or spoken to a professional councillor about your illness?

  • Right now I have no counselling and have not had CBT I am on a waiting list. I fear dying so much I can't close my eyes to sleep

  • Hi stressed to death, self hypnosis CDs are excellent at claiming the nervous system down any ones by Glenn Harold you can get from amazon including MP3 downloads. Taking a good quality multivitamin and some fresh air each day. Go to Dr Reid wilson has some excellent tips and explanations about about anxiety there are also you tube videos of his sessions with clients he uses paroxidol intention to show people they have some control over there symptoms. He suggests the goal is not ridding yourself of anxiety but coping with it. I hope this helps while u wait for CBT therapy. P.s here is a CBT online help website this will start you off.

    Anxiety is not easy to cope with at times but with help hopefully you will feel less overwhelmed. Best wishes


  • Muslims handle the thought of there own death well. The turks have a saying. Fear has no benifit over the time we will pass. No body knows when that is. But untill then life keeps going, so just go with it. Talk to your creator he created us when were nothing and to the creator we shall all return. Dreaming and waking to a reality. Dying and waking to another reality. The body is organs. The spirit is you. Connect your spirit to your creator and dont let go

  • I am on a waiting list for counselling CBT. I was told it will be 7 months before than can fit me in. I can't stand the fear that I'm dying all the time.

  • Hi don't give up you need to speak to your doctor and friend and family to get support if you can. I also have same problems but I found if I draw it helps reduce my anxiety strange I no but it helps to do something creative don't worry what you draw I'm no artist. Try to sleep, take a lavender bag with you to bed to hold and smell to comfort you, it can help. Good luck

  • Thanks so much.

  • Hello have you tried a relaxing cd .

    When I get like that I put one of those on.

  • Yes I have and it helps a bit thanks.

  • You have all my sympathy & I understand & identify with everything you have said. I have exactly the same anxiety issues, they have come & gone over 40 odd years & when they have disappeared for a while I have spent that time dreading their return. I will write some more later when I have more time, but I felt I had to send brief reply immediately because my heart goes out to you. It's important to know that you are not odd & unusual in any way - health anxiety is very common & you are not alone. I try hard to remember this when having an attack & this site is such a comforting reminder of it - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. X

  • Thanks Maggie I really need to know people are hear to listen and lend support. Most of the time I feel lost and alone.

  • Slightly off topic and I'm sorry you are having a rough time. I noticed you also suffer from fibromyalgia and CFS. I just wondered whether you have had your thyroid tested recently as your symptoms can be indicative of a thyroid problem.

    I had mental health symptoms for many years along with poor sleep, constant pain, brain fog, fatigue etc and I wondered what could be causing my symptoms. I did some research and I tried to find my root cause. Even though my bloods where within the range, I noted that there are a number of different opinions re treatment options. I'm now in the process of finding an appropriate combo of thyroid meds and supplements under the care of an appropriate Dr. My symptoms have improved significantly and no longer debilitating.

    I found the following websites useful.

    I've also found making nutritional changes and looking at the adrenals helpful (the above websites provide info on these issues).

    Please let me know if you would like further information. Also the health unlocked thyroid group on this site maybe able to help if you think this is relevant (there are people on there who have CFS).x

  • Thanks so much ! I see my doctor in 2 weeks I will have my thyroid and levels checked to be sure.

  • No prob you may find the following link helpful re understanding your results if you get it tested.

    I've found addressing internal stresses eg reducing my symptoms above really helped (thankfully) my mental health. I hope things improve for you really soon.

  • Hello, just read your post and felt compelled to reply because I have really been where you are and although I dislike the phrase, I feel your pain. I was wondering if you had tried cognative behaviour therapy? I suffered for years, tried everything to get better and it was the only thing that worked- to this day I use the techniques I learnt and although I still have episodes I would say I am 97% better than the horror of life I was living. Good luck.

  • I'm on a 7 months waiting list for CBT it is such a relief to hear it really works. I will just try to hang in there for the therapy to start. Thanks a bunch and take care.

  • Thanks for your email. I actually felt a sense of achievement myself by replying and sharing what I know to be true. You are stronger than you know; to live with the horror of panic and anxiety everyday is strength itself and you are still getting through the day living in a hell spiral-

    My bible is a book called "Mind over Mood" by Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky recommended at the start of my therapy- it gives you an insight into how cbt works and I hope it gives you an insight into what is happening within your thought and emotional response processes that is causing you such pain and gives you a head start in your recovery.

  • I have been non functioning for 2 days by gripping fear. I will try to read that book thanks for caring.

  • Hello, sorry to hear what you are going through, anxiety really isn't a nice thing and really can ruin a lot of people's lives, I stumbled on a book that I purchased the other day called 'Play it away' by Charlie Hoehn it's a book on a young man who had really bad anxiety and overcame it by having fun every single day! He healed his own anxiety and depression in weeks!! You can purchase it on amazon, you can check out his videos on YouTube for overcoming anxiety bad getting your life back. Hope this helps xxx

  • I will check it out right now. Thanks for taking your time to reply. Take care.

  • Hi stressed :-) think that's the most common issue ...fear or death...good you are on the list for cbt I've had anxiety on and off for 10 years...3650 days's not killed me yet and it won't in the next 3650 days... The fear is awful ...try cbt for dummies book whilst you wait for your therapy to start... If still no better ask gp to try and hurry the referral on ...keep well and we are all here to support each other

  • hi im 63 and still get the panic attacks when there is more than 4 or5 folk in the house or about out side but i now take the grand children out to the park i can calm down without without medication mines all started when i was crushed between two cars both my legs where realy badly broken and other probs but with the help of the docs and hos staff i have made inroads to be given the strength to carry on so dont despair never give up


  • Sorry to hear, I was once in your shoes and want to share a post I made on what I did to recover... take care and big hugs to handle this quickly.

  • I am with ya. I have been suffering for over 30 years and the meds suck. I went outside of conventional medicine and supplement with two effective meds.

  • First of all there is nothing wrong with you. Please make this thing very clear in your mind. Many things might have happened in your life which make you very upset, but tell me one thing can you change it?

    If it's time for you to die naturally can you stop it no then why are you wasting your time thinking about things which don't even exist.

    1. Keep yourself busy as much as you can.

    2. Do a little walk outside.

    3. Avoid thinking what people think about you.

    Please try this your life is very important live it well enjoy it trust me there is nothing wrong with you.

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