Severe anxiety is ruining my life

So i have severe anxiety which happened oit of the blue one day about 3 years ago! I had a major panic attack that lasted 2 hours ! Ever since i have always been panicky! I was never like this before and its like something just switched and no im so aftaid ! I get so many symptoms its hard to describe them all! Firstly i had a fast heart rate that was more or less 120bpm 24/7 after a year i got used to the fact this was just me. I did have many sleepless days where i would have full blown panic artacks because my heart would pound. Race. Thump. I couldnt breathe. All the usual signs. I then got pregnant and once i gave birth my heart rate has slowed to 70bpm. I dont know why its suddenly changed but it has. I now get really bad heart palpatations which can sometimes last all dayt. Sometimes one big thinp sometimes missed beats every 5 or so beats. This scares the hell out of me. I am now suffering with feeling like i am moving. I feel like i am on a boat. I feel like i fall theough the floor and like i am moving. Certain things make my anxiety worse such as driving even though i am not frightened of it ! Anyway there is too much to explain but my little boy is now 10 weeks old and i feel like i have suffered enough. This anxiety is ruining my life and i want to get better for him. Ur norhing has helped i dont know what to do


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  • Have you been doctors? May be helpful to start there

  • Yes and all they say is its anxiety it wont hurt you

  • Oh really? Normally they would refer you to counselling or even mess to ease it off x

  • I tried councelling before and it didnt help ! I also have health anxiety so i always think im going to die ! But wierd things honestly happen to me

  • Oh that's strange normally councelling works, maybe see a different doctor x

  • Honestly i have seen several and been hospital !

  • Oh that must suck, maybe fight to see if you can go on any meds, just keep at them they all soon listen

  • I hope so x

  • Best of luck x

  • Thank you !!

  • Have you tried mindfulness x

  • What is that? X

  • It's a breathing technique, Have a search on the internet may help x

  • Ive tried breathing loads of different ways and sometimes help but its like a quick fix x

  • Oh ok, I'd definitely see if you can fight with the docs to do something for you x

  • Yeah deffinatly. Thank you x

  • No worries hope you get relief soon x

  • Hey... I feel you... Huhuhhhh me also always over thinking that i will faint and fear of dying... My life is ruin,, i want a normal life also....

  • What other symptoms do you get?

  • Fast heart rate. Pundiing heart. Missed beats. Palpitations. Cant breathe. Tight chest. Lump in throat. Dizzy. Feeling like i will pass out. Sunken feeling in stomach. Shaking. Feel like im moving and falling through the floor. List goes on

  • I feel like I am speaking

    Myself.. have you tried meds? They prescribed them to me but I'm even afraid to take those!

  • They did but i didnt want to take then

  • Have you ever had an EKG done?

  • Yes had loads

  • & everything came back normal? What about an ultrasound of the heart?

  • Yes all normal. No they wont do any further tests as tgey say its anxiety

  • Thats crazy what anxiety can do. My new symptom is as I'm falling asleep my body like jumps/twitches. Like when your having a bad dream and wake up in a jump. Have you ever had this

  • I have had it for years.

  • Really? Its so annoying it makes me not want to sleep its only when I take naps not at night time...

  • i get it at night time... its very odd.

  • Yes it literally scares me. All I wanna do is sleep

  • It has never harmed me, its just odd. it doesn't scare me. I never related it to anxiety.

  • Really? It bothers me so bad cause its a sudden jolt in my body & I wake up from it

  • It does the same to me, maybe its been happening for so long now it doesn't bother me so much.

  • Hmm.. Its odd this is day 2 of it but nothing happens at night. I'm starting to think its from a lack of sleep at night & then when I take a nap it hits me cause I'm so tired.

  • You could be right.

    I might look into it to see what it is.

  • Yes let me know what u find

  • I will :)

  • Hmm interesting so it is caused by anxiety & stress & a crappy sleep schedule

  • Yes

  • I need to find a way to sleep and stay asleep

  • We will think of something.

  • Oh I was able to sleep last night and didn't wake up. Im so proud of myself.

  • Brilliant! Maybe things are beginning to improve for you. Do you feel better for it? ☺

  • Yes have had this loads ! I also have it when im trting to sleep and my body vibrates then as soon as i fall asleep its like my heart has stoped and it restarts and makes me jump up with a thump oanicing x

  • Yessss!!! That body vibrating this is so annoying it feels like your moving or the beds moving. This jumping thing is so annoying. I read up about it they said its triggered with stress & anxiety & its the brains reaction to serious fatigue. Its because we are falling asleep so fast the brain thinks its in distress and jolts us to wake up. Im so exhausted

  • There is another thing you can try when you are having a hard time sleeping it is an app that i use on my cell phone. It is a Meditation app called Relax Melodies (it looks like a plant holding a crystal ball that is glowing). The app is the best one I have found it offers a timer for 30 minutes to play a soft melody or mix that you create for your own relaxation, then you have about 110 different Meditation that last about 10 minutes with the music that you created playing softly in the background. I have been using this now for about 9 months and I have not once been able to remember the end of the 10 minute meditation. There is a small version you can try for free and then you can pay I think it is still 19.99 for the full version that I have. There is a huge section for people to use that have Anxiety. I hope this helps. Another thing is to reach out to someone that works with do Terra, It is an all natural oils and spices that help to relax people without having to use hard drugs. I have problems with Chronic Migraine, with sever pain and it brings on Anxiety because I know what is about to happen when I start to see the auras for the Migraines. I have found a lot of relief with (do Terra) it is worth every penny to feel normal again.

  • Thank you I'm looking for that app now. Last night I feel asleep at 12am woke up at 3:30am and was hysterical. I then fell back asleep at 7:00am its horrible. I am literally drained from it.

  • Anxiety is definitely something hard to drag along with you. And all its symptoms. And it seems like some things are new every other day so that keeps the fear loop going. But ive experience so many different symptoms that some times you have to question it. And its like anxiety evolves into different phases the longer it stays with you. It starts with the fear of the symptoms then you become afraid of everything in and around you. It becomes health anxiety. Well for me it did. Now its hard to focus because your mind is always wondering what's this and what's that.

  • Mine is deffinatly more health anxiety ! I get it alot when im driving and its so hard to explain but its like im in a box. Like everything closes in around me and my eyes start to feel like there going black!

  • Yes exactly mine all started because my throat swelled up & I hyperventilated then from there on its been a downward spiral... I question myself everyday can all this seriously just be anxiety? There's no way! Ill be perfectly fine and then all of a sudden it hits me & I'm stuck with it

  • Yeah its so wierd how one thing can just cause so many symtoms ! Im still not convinced all mine are anxiety related

  • That's how am i. I don't believe its all anxiety but theres no more tests that they can do. All my blood work is normal

  • Yes. It's really ruin my life too. I just got termination letter from my employer due to many absences during the probation. I couldnt sleep for few days and saw my doctor and he prescribed me anti depressant and made me feel more illness because of the side effect. Because of this I have to loss my finance role. Feel so sad...

  • You can appeal against this as it is mental health x

  • I dont think it really works and also it will give me more problem to cope then my mind will be very busy to think about all of these :(

  • Thats very true. Maybe talk to a doctor x

  • My dear girl, The reason your anxiety persist is because you keep alarming yourself with the symptoms you are having and it is now a vicious cycle. Check out, learn about what is happening to your body, read the stories and listens to the testimonies of people who have recovered from the very symptoms you suffer from. The nervous system only reacts to fear and if you learn to passively accept the symptoms the nervous system will naturally adjust back to a normal state. You are in a state of hyper stimulation that will take time to recover from which is done through relaxation and passive acceptance of your symptoms.

    I wish the best for you. It is the only thing that has helped me.

  • I will have a look thank you !! Xx

  • Hi I was just wondering if you are based in the UK at all as there are a few good organisations that can help with anxiety. Ive also had a hell of a time with my gp who just keeps saying its anxiety and offers no help or support so you go away feeling worse than when you went in. Medication isnt for everyone but can work and takes trial and error. Is there another doctor you can see if your not getting on with the one you currently see? Myself I had to self refer to CBT which is good for anxiety and can help with health anxiety too. Have you also tried meditation or mindfulness which also can help? there are loads of audios on youtube which i use and is best to listen with headphones. The problem with anxiety the more we worry about the symptoms the panic cycle goes round and round which is easier said than done. If you can accept anxiety the symptoms do ease but is difficult to do when the symptoms can be severe. Have a look at the dare response too by Barry Mcdonagh. I have found his technique really useful too and there is either a hard copy book you can purchase or there is an audio book as well as facebook support groups to accompany this.

  • Thank you !! Ive seen so many doctors its a joke but they think im mad when i tell them my symptoms and just say anxiety. Its hard to accept that its anxiety when its happeneing

  • Hollie, were you on any meds prior to this sudden ons of anxiety?

  • Nope no meds

  • Acceptance is key.

    I too suffer with severe health anxiety. Currently struggling to catch my breath and I'm sat watching a film with my partner and cat.

    3 years ago my mind would have run away with me. Going crazy worrying I may actually stop breathing. Acceptance is knowing I'm not going to die - as uncomfortable as it may be it will go away, I won't kill me.

    As I've just said I still suffer with breathlessness and palpitations but not to the extent it ever was.

    On most occasions it will pass within the hour and I forget about it. May not be the right thing but I'm trying to learn to live with it. 🌾

  • bandicoot1987, I will jump on the bandwagon of ACCEPTANCE being the key to anxiety. (I'm sure you will hear from others as well). You're doing good x

  • I just cant accept it i dont know why. The worst is when its my heart. When it races and it constantly skips a beat

  • If you are not seeing a mental health professional, please make an appointment a.s.a.p. You might benefit from meds., cognitive behaviour therapy, support groups and self-help techniques. There are support groups specifically for new mothers. I hope that your family and friends are available to help out as well. It's hard enough caring for a new baby without anxiety, never mind with it. You can get help and get better for both you and your baby.

  • Family help alot i have just made an app to see a councillor for my anxiety however i tried thi before and it only helped for a short period of time

  • We have to keep trying. It may help more this time. Having a baby is one of life's major changes and brings with it all kinds of new stressors. It's not surprising that you are having problems with anxiety at this time - especially if you've had anxiety for some time. I had anxiety, was in remission for many years, and now it has returned. However, I trust that I will overcome it again, because I did before. Keep trying and don't give up.

  • Thank you x

  • You are most welcome. Blessings upon you and your baby.

  • Hi I am epileptic but been seizure free for 21 years. Four weeks ago felt dizzy, started shaking then started panic in case I had seizure but didn't. Since then have had panic attack every day. I get a jerk then onset of panic it seems to occur when my brain is relaxing seems better when I'm focused. Now just ignore them but ruining my life

  • ive had two rough ones in the last three minute all is good then out of the blue I get head sweats struggle to breathe and total body weakness.both happened in Glasgow city centre.

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