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Difficulty Sleeping

I have difficulty sleeping because of joint pain and headaches. The GP gave me zopiclone for 4 weeks but would not renew because of their addictiveness. I have tried hypnosis tapes, relaxation and classical music, ibuprofen gels do nothing, tried chamomile tea, valerian, hops, etc from Health Food store. Any one throw me a lifeline please, the worry is not helping? (I cannot take any of the diazepam / valium meds because they cause anxiety in me, I'm one of the 1 in so many thousand that it happens to.)

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HI Prof, sorry to hear this, but aside form standard pain killers I think it seems anyway that you have tried most other things x Just wanted to say Id read your post and hope someone else maybe able to give some good advice x Donver


Hi PR4. I find that s long as I am resting in bed sleep will either come or not I think as long as your eyes are resting your mind will follow I have my room as dark as I can get it with blackout curtains As long as your mind is not getting all the outside stimulus from everyday images it will find a way to slow down, Its almost like a simple form of sensory deprivation where the darkened room helps the brain stimulate different electrical patterns. Hope this helps good luck steve


I find "SLEEP AID)- manufacturer KIRKLAND, works well for me. It is one of the "drowsy" type anti- histamines and as far as I know non-addictive. Can be found on AMAZON at reasonable price. Hope this helps, good luck!


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