Difficulties swallowing

Difficulties swallowing

Hi I am new to this whole searching for answers online, I feel like all the doctors ive seen want to give medicine/anti deppresants and have made me worse. I went last year told him about my symtoms and he gave me 50ml sertraline, for anxiety. I did take them for six months or so but had to come off them as I felt like I was starting with depressions . Feeling low about my self making me shake etc list goes on.. I'm basically on this site for help my swallowing symtoms have got worse feel like I'm chocking on every meal, witch makes me chock in affect but I just cough the food back up.. sorry. I feel one day I will actually chocke, I have other symtoms of like a cramping sensation in my throat witch triggers off a attack. I have also started gasping for breath when i fall asleep.. I feel like I'm loosing a loosing battle, I'm trying to get a grip for my kids sake and partners sake it's having effects on them too with me been in moods all time, coming home from work in a mood with stress does anyone have any suggestions please sorry if this doesent make scence


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  • I completely understand what your going through do you get the sweats when this happens? And you feel like your loosing control

  • Hi thanks for reply my hands do become sweaty, and only last few days were I don't feel in control of my self anymore feel like am I ever going to be normal again :( its the tightening of my throat that triggers these attacks am sure of it

  • Hello

    These can be symptoms of anxiety & the meds you were on may not have suited you and maybe another one might have done as many have had to try several till they find the one that works best for them

    I would however ask for them to refer you to be checked out at the hospital this will give you peace of mind that it is nothing else more than anything & then you can focus more on the best way to help you with your anxiety

    Go back to the Doctors and tell them you will look at other meds and options for your anxiety if they put it down to that again after they have referred you to be checked out , maybe seeing another Doctor in the same surgery if you did not find the one you saw last time very helpful

    Take Care x

  • Anxiety,panic attack can cause scary symptoms that are not so fun and come at the wrong time. The smallest things can trigger a attack if I was you I'd go back to the dr and change that med if your dr doesn't want to listen or you don't feel comfortable when you walk out of the office then get a second opinion. You deserve it and so doesn't your family

    As for the swallowing it is one of the major symptoms of anxiety,panic disorder feeling like there's a ball in your throat or your going to choke, almost like someone has there hands around your neck when you try to swallow it's very uncomfortable. Your NOT ALONE

    Hang in there. Tracey

  • My anxiety symptoms pretty much are predictable most times. When I'm nervous, my heart will be pounding and butterflies in my stomach. If I'm upset, I can go days barely eating. Then I get that flush going through my body to my feet. Driving or doing something new and different will always bring on the pounding heartbeat. Sometimes some skipped heartbeats. Try to stick to a regular routine, to avoid it. Do you have other anxiety symptoms?


  • I also experience this at times I had trouble swallowing when my anxiety first started. Now it happens only sometimes when I'm eating. I suggest eating when you are calm try not to eat when you are extremely anxious. Also take small bites and make sure to chew. I think the swallowing difficulties happen from tension in the jaw and neck so just remind your self that's what it is tension. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I been dealing with it for a week now and I don't enjoy nothing about this feeling...smh

  • You are not choking! When we have anxiety, our bodies go full force because they are protecting us... Our physiological make up is designed to protect us when we are are in danger. Unfortunately, anxiety tells us we are in serious danger when we are extremely worried sitting on a couch.

    I have experienced this as well, in fact today, I felt like I was choking and needs water to wash my tiny bits of food down. When we are experiencing generalized anxiety, our bodies shut down. Our bodies can't differentiate from real danger and perceived danger. Hang in there, you won't choke...love to you

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