Difficulty swolowing

It started Two months ago evertime i would eat chicken or somthing solid i would choke.. I did all types of test, gastroscpy, i went to the Ent and , i had a barium swolow test, alergy test... All clear.. Apart feom Gerd. The gasterentologist gave me some medication "controloc" for a month to take... The thing is that when i did the barium test there was not acid reflex but on some bacteia in througt wich i took some medicines for... I want to know has stress causing me to feel like its difficlut to swolow? I know my life has been full of stress. Has anyone elese had similar situation?

Hope to hear from you


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  • Hi theangelinyou1, I had at one time had trouble swallowing and as you had all the same tests done. It was and is my anxiety that causes it from time to time. Chicken is one of those foods that seems to go down slowly as well as hard boiled eggs etc. I was told to drink some water or ginger ale with my meals. It helps pass the foods more easily. I think because of our anxiety everything is tense making it feel as if we have difficulty swallowing but w/o any obstructions. I hope things get better for you.

  • Thanks for reply. I hope it gets bettet. I have lost weight due to only eating yourgyrts and soft foods

  • I hear you. Your doctor may want to try some nourishment drinks until you feel more comfortable. Losing weight needs to be reported to your doctor. Just another hint of what was recommended by my doctor after the test because that feeling was still there. I went to a speech pathologist for several sessions where she taught me how to massage my neck and throat muscles to help relax . It did help, I couldn't believe how tight and tense my esophagus was. Maybe recheck with your doctor as to what else can be done. Wish you well.

  • That is also exactly how my neck muscles feel. Very tight... I will see what i can do. If anything else pops up pls get back to me. Thanks so much

  • OK.

  • Yes for sure !!!! Anxiety makes you feel like you can't swallow and the more you anticipate it, the more you psych yourself out and you find yourself drinking to swallow food . But your swallowing the liquid , so you really can smile. Not to worry❤️

  • Thanks for reply.. Did you have the same situation? I keep beieving there is somthing elese wrong which is scary.

  • Yes I did and now my daughter does. Not a good feeling , when you focus on it , it makes it worse , no fun to deal with . Talk to me anytime . lynl

  • Hi lyn

    Its the second month i am taking controloc it helps stop the acid aparently. I can swolow better now just when i think of it makes it worse.. Are you healed completly now?? I have completly quit soft drinks, coffee , processed foods and beer not that i was eating or drinking heavly ever in my life... I just feel like it will come back ...

  • Yes, I have all stress and Anxiety ... Keep fighting

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