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Breathing Difficulties

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Hi, I'm Benjamin Franklin, 23 yrs old. 6 months ago i was feeling lightheaded, weak, breathless, and also a faint feeling, my hands were numb too. It went on for about 3 weeks befor i decided to go to see a doctor. I was tested (Blood, other major tests) and finally diagnosed with psychosomatic disorder (anxiety), I was prescribed some vitamins (B complex) and my anxiety went away eventually. I didn't feel that way again for about 2 months until there came one night, i went to bed feeling normal but suddenly got up in the middle of the night gasping for breath, it was terrible. It was like my breath was completely cut off. That night, i didn't take it serious until it started happening in the day too. I'd be short of breath all day long and feeling weak too. it worsens in the night when i try to lie down, so i can't sleep. Some days, i stay awake till morning, and other days i try to force myself to sleep at 4: AM. I am so scared, whenever i take a full and deep breath, I'm never satisfied. all the symptoms i have so far are; Shortness of breath, Feeling extremely weak and Frequent tension headaches. Please someone ''HELP'' me i'm pretty scared now, don't know what to expect now.

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It does sound like sleep apnea with the waking up gasping. Go to your GP and ask about it.

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Thanks Kellylorraine899, i never thought one could get sleep apnea at age 23.

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1st chance i get, i will go to my GP.

Just read your blog....reminded me of a while back, I was trying to sleep, couldn't get my breath, rang paramedics.......they put an oxygen mask on my face and did the usual obs and asked for a doctor to visit.

He said it was probably due to anxiety.....altho I wasn't aware at the time that I was anxious !

He explained that...the longest nerve in the body, Which goes from the head, through the chest and into the abdomen Is called the Vagus nerve.

You might have heard that some people faint at the sight if blood ?

That is known as a VASOVAGUL EPISODE.


That is due to the 'flight or fright' stimulation of the ?Vagus nerve, it can make you gasp for breath, make your hands tingle and even go numb...if this happens, get a brown paper bag and breath in and out if's called 'hyperventilation' and is really very scary, it even makes you go numb if you don't control your's caused by 'over breathing' soon as you start to feel anxious try breathing in to the count if 5 hold it fir a sec then slowly out to 5..........or get up make a cup of hot milk/.horlicks/tea............put the ?tv On...take your mind off of whatever it was worrying about.

good luck...Mari.

Thanks Maribee, I actually went to the hospital today to see a doctor. I had an x-ray on my chest, so the doctor analysed the x-ray and said that there is to much air in my lungs. so i am confused. He also said it might be an early stage of Asthma.

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