Blessed to be alive but now more suffering

How to even recover after everything.??

On Saturday morning the 8th of April at 3 in the morning I was awaken by someone pulling at my front door at my house. I got up and checked it out and realised someone is breaking in..My daughter Lea of 2 was in her bedroom and Mia of 4 in my bedroom..I wanted to get my daughter and shots went off from outside they shot into my babies room through her window..I ran into my room broke a window with my hand and screamed for help I begged for someone to save us while thinking they killed my daughter in the other room..They did not care that I was screaming they kept breaking the door down..More shots went into my living room..My neighbour cam out but he was in fear as well he had no weapon and they were shooting left and right.. I stood ther while my daughter was crying thinking if they get in which they are we are going to die..Suddenly a man with a gun and flash light in my bedroom pointing his gun at me..He demanded cellphone and money..I gave him everything..they shot again and ran..I ran to my daughters room she was standing in her cot..alive..Thank God!!! the bullet went past her head through my bedrooms wall and missed me aswell. It was a total nightmare and don't even know how I can ever go back home..I thank God for saving our lifes..But I am so angry and have these flash backs. I have been struggling with anxiety for 6 years now and now something like this..My kids are so scared its just so sad. I don't want my kids to live with what I live with every day because of this.....

I give God praise for yet another day.


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  • omg what an experience to be put through :( reading that has made all my worries seem nothing compared to you, can you not get out and start fresh somewhere else? hope your ok

  • I am actually getting a new place for me and the girls at the end of the month though.

    Yes it was pretty hectic and scary but we are survivors and I will be a survivor and not just another victim.

  • Aw that's good then,

  • Trying to be strong for my girls...but now it's night time my body feels so bruised

  • Crikey, this kinda thing doesn't go on in 🇬🇧. It's shocking to read it. I live in a quiet little village in North Yorkshire England, that story sounded extreme.

    Hope you find somewhere nice.

  • You seem very strong to me

  • Holy crap! I know people think us Americans are crazy with our guns, but this is one instance when someone would've died had they entered my house like that. I've taken an advanced weapons course and am allowed to carry my gun on my person at all times. I don't carry it at all times, but when I go into a sketchy area I will put it between my seat and console in the car. I don't guess in SA you can take a weapons course and apply for a gun permit?

    I also suggest you and your daughters get therapy. This is a traumatic event for all of you and you need to especially get them some assistance. I hope you get your new place soon!

  • Oh my! Iam so sorry you had to go through such a traumatizing thing! Ugh that made me so angry what He did! Iam glad you and your girls are alive and safe! Praise god

  • Thank you all for caring and I will be doing a course to get a gun permit.

    God knows we need to protect ourselves

  • Hallo antianxiety

    I live in Bloemfontein and although there are house robberies here, it is not nearly as bad as you guys have it! You're probably in Gauteng?

    Just keep the faith! I believe God's protection is better than any gun or security company, but you have to do what you can do!


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