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I hate Anxiety!!!

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why do I worry about my breathing and my heart... ahhhh I'm constantly anxious... at least 4 times a day I feel like I'm going to pass out... I cant get on with my life I cant even leave the house!! I'm on medication but I don't think its right for me... the only thing that helps in the beta-blockers and valumes ... but I'm getting used to the valumes now...ahhh any ideas peeps ... thank you!!!

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Yup! Anxiety blows! But let's beat the sh*t out of it!!!!

we have to 100%.... we can do it!!! so glad I found this site!! I thought I was the only one

Nope! Tonnnns of us here my Friend. 😆we can and will beat it!!!

:-) we sure will!!!

is this anxiety thing new to you or have you always had it? when i first discovered i was having anxiety i went straight to the GP and she gave me medication called 'setralin' i think. they made me feel so much worse now I'm just recovering medication free.. but of course it works different for everyone. the things that helped me when i was feeling anxious was getting an app called ''pinterest'' and in the search bar type in ''anxiety'' theres loads of stuff to help you on there. Also i started reading books about anxiety, i find them really helpful and i find it comforting there are people out there that are going through the same thing as i am. message me if you wanna chat xx

Medication sucks, makes me feel worse!

hey.... ive tried every tablet there is to offer and I am not waiting psychiatric help ive suffered anxiety since I was young but its got a lot worse in the past 4 years... I do love to read so I will pick up some books and see how I get on... its so good to be able to talk to people thank you so much xx

also look at apps on your phone type in 'stress'' and things like that, it comes up with apps that help with your breathing. I got an app that helped me it tells me to write down when I'm feeling anxious even though theres no certain reason for why I'm anxious most of the time i make myself anxious by thinking about anxiety..

yeah ive got some hypnotherapy apps for stress I find them quite good aswel xx

Man I know exactly how this feels

I sometimes sit in bed and ask why and when did I even get this bad with overthinking negative thoughts. I try to go a few days without an attack then boom something small as me thinking a spider bit me sends me into a panic.

I hope you feel better remember we're all in this together. You'll overcome the over anxious mind. Whenever you feel the panic coming on try and drink some water and step outside for some fresh air

that's cheered me up... thankyou for that... its just the worst thing.. negative thought 24/7... ive just started an online course in mental health studies to keep me busy and help me understand it more... as I cant leave the house... it was a struggle to walk 200yds to the doctors lol

does anyone ever get fixated on their breathing and get scared when they breathe in that they are going to feel a stabbing pain of a heart attack etc? that's my issue today, every single breathe in i'm waiting for a sharp pain.. how can I not feed my anxiety if I am constantly thinking about this?!!?!?

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