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Feeling like im doing it for myself

Hi all hope everyone is good today. So yesterday I decided to go to my doctor to final find out weather I have health anxiety and he agreed that it is I went in telling myself that I wasn't going to break but as soon as he asked if I wanted to harm myself i lost all control which is noy a bad thing but I did have to stop and think, I no I don't want to die but I also can't live like this anymore. He put me on citalopram and im being referred to a therapist. Im feeling a little better noing im gonna get some help. I am also abit worried about the citalopram and how it will affect me. He also put me of work for 3-6 months cause im finding it hard to drive it seems every time I get in a car my head goes all clogged like then I get light headed and sometimes I have to stop dos anyone else get this? Its very frustrating cos it restricts me from going places. It's diffently going to be a struggle not working financially and mentally but im doing it to get better and im diffently looking forward to that. Everyone have a fantastic day ♥

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Hi Bec:)

Bless you Hun.

I use to be on this medication and it did wonders for me.

It's good to hear that your doctor is helping you and is getting you the help you need.

Take your time, small steps in your recovery. Don't expect too much too soon and most of all try not to worry.

You've done the big step in going to the doctor and getting help now it's time for you to let your body recover.

Check out the website "Headspace"

A few of us on here actually do this mindful meditation and it does help.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

Hope you feel better soon:) x


hi yummimummi, thank you for your reply. I was just wondering how you felt when you first start on citalopram? iv taken x2 tabs of 10mg each and in a week i have to go to 20mg. iv been feeling very low today all i wanna do is lay down which makes me feel abit better, as soon as i stand and walk i feel horrible. is this normal?


if you read the after effects of the citalopram, it may just say you might get signs of nausea

dissiness etc.

you must also eat properly, most of us lose a bit of appetite ,or sometimes gain a little to much appetite.

all in all I did feel better on citalopram , apart from the drowsiness, which is the main reason I stopped on them, because I could be asked to drive anywhere in the country at any time.

I too have been a bit low today. so first thing this morning I went out for some fresh air !

its a lovely sunny day today ,and vitamin D is good for you.

you just have to trust in the meds.

but also look after yourself !.

I am trying the meditation method perhaps twice a day, I sit down at a quiet time and tune out for 30 mins.

I feel a lot better after that and even some of my physical pain from the accident seem to go away for a time.


hi bec just read your post.hope the citalopram helps.

you may find the meds, make you drowsy, so be careful if you are driving.

I eventually got off my citalopram , but feel I may need to go back on them soon ,

im getting over a major car accident ( not caused by the meds ).

I now feel im slipping back into my depression after being at home recouperating for four months.

I should feel grateful that im alive I suppose ,but it doesn't seem to work that way


Hey bepete, thank you for reading my post. After just the first day on citalopram im feeling ok as you said abit drowsy but im also on other stuff for my sleeping and relaxants. Sorry to hear that your not doing so good after finishing the citalopram, maybe you should ask gp to go back on it. Its hard cause we shouldn't rely on meds but if they make you feel semi normal then we should do what best for us. I will have a look at the app and book hope all goes well with you today xx


im also trying the headspace app.

only on the early stages though, so I don't know if its doing me any good.

im also reading a book called the mindful way through depression that's outlining most of the symtoms most of us

feel when we are low.

its written plainly and easy to understand, and has a cd also !.

its available on amazon.


I can relate to your comments on anxiety, the driving in particular I suffer terribly still although I have had this illness for near 30 years, at my lowest I feel I will only find peace when I die, sorry don't mean to depress anyone but you have made that big 1st step all the replies here Ive read offer great advice & support from fellow sufferers is a big help

Good luck



hi dave, what happens when you drive? i get like a heatwave upon my body and my head just feels very strange its not a nice feeling at all. today i walked my children to school i still felt a little funny but i sung myself better lol. I no what you mean about you will find peace if you die, although i dont want to die :( it is great being on this forum chatting to some fantastic people. The last few days iv felt very alone i dont have to many people to talk to any more so when i come on here its like i have friends even though it is on the internet thank you xxx


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