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Does anyone else?

So I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks lately.

I have notice that I have started to hold my breath without realizing it and its causing me to start taking deep breaths,

Also I now feel a heaviness on my chest. I think it happens more after I eat. not sure if its anxiety related or what but its starting to scare me. I emailed my dr about it, still waiting to hear back.

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Morning illaeskrilla.

I think at sometime we all have felt the same as you, especially with the breath holding. The heaviness on the chest is also another symptom of anxiety but you have done the right thing contacting your GP although I would personally go and visit him as he can not diagnose anything by email. I hope you feel better soon.



Well, My GP doesnt feel she needs to see me she just said maybe its just anxiety.


This describes me exactly. I would wonder about my heart, hold my breath so i could feel my heartbeat, then feel better, but it developed into a breath holding habit whenever I felt anxious. The chest heaviness too, esp after eating though it took me loads of panic attacks to make that connection!

Now I know I do it, I am trying to train myself not to. I had a four day minibreak lately with only the tiniest of panics and it proved to me that this does not have to be part of my life.

All I can suggest is if you catch yourself at it, try to stop, and remind yourself that any symptoms are most likely the result of the breath holding or digestion interrupted by worrying. Good luck!



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