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Health anxiety anyone else ?

Health anxiety anyone else ? as I've previously said most of the time I ' manage' to distract and deal with my anxiety. It occurs most days but in small doses and sometimes it completely grips me especially after a trigger which in my life is my mums cancer and my BRCA 2 mutation result.

I have ' physical symptoms that change all the time as soon as I get my he'd around its anxiety it changes the game up. Until now my digestive system has never been affected but recently oh my goodness and pains in my back eyc in a non anxiety bearer they probably wouldnt be tuned into these pains but unfortunately infall into the every pain is Cancer !

My mum has just had her 6 math scan after finishing treatment and we have to wait until 9th March anxiety is through the roof I woke this morning to remember I had been dreaming I was getting a biopsy down by my local go for ovatian cancer as it has got before I had the chance to get ovaries out .

I wish I could get a grip of this . I have started "clearing areas of my house and sorting stuff like a my Lisa clothes , photos wyc terrified something is going to happen to me

Anyway slowly as I type my sensible head is returning to me

It is a huge mental upward battle we fight but we are strong and we can do it . Does anyone else have the cancer fear with their anxiety ?

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I have severe health anxiety and can identify with you completely.

It's terrible constantly checking everything and looking for signs of illness.

Mine seems to relax then something will set it off again and I'm in the cycle of worry once more.


Oh yes, if it isn't cancer it is something equally deadly or terrifying. The fear will just take over at times so we have to fight back. Fear is are dealing with a real live issue for your mum and that is darn scary. Staying positive is so critical for her and for you. Just do your best. Funny that you said something about "my sensible head returning" as you were typing. I found that I could work so much tension out of myself by typing. I used to just sit down and type a sentence over and over again to get out the tension and I would feel so much better. All that fear just seems to fly out of your fingers! It works - it is just a great distraction. Prayers coming for you and your mum...


Totally understand about your health anxiety. I have suffered years. I was collecting for Marie Curie yesterday and was frozen by the time i got back in my car. Couldn't get warm when i got home and felt really ill by the time i went to bed. I feel crap this morning but daughter has booked for bowling. My anxiety through the roof at the minute as my sister is at the end of her life in local Hospice. Think i probably got to cold yesterday . But usually enjoy good health so slightest thing will trigger me . Fingers crossed for your mum . X


If I'm not thinking cancer I have other worries going on a soon as I accept or get used to a symtoms it changes into something new and that one's still there but don't seem as bad I'm really exhausted with all this now everyday for a year I have been "dying" I'm now in out of control stage where I'm blocking everyone off and having to drop hints about my funeral ect because I really don't feel good at all .

It's mentally and physically exhausting I'm in pain most days with sharp upper body mainly chest neck arm finger ect pain and I feel I will never get better


Hi Steffx: I relate to your anxiety but mine is different and does not involve my health. Though I totally feel your anxiety. Have you been to a doctor? Have you tried any meds? Your anxiety is paralyzing you. In many cases, it is just anxiety. Have you tried exercise? Even brief exercise with lots of breathing can help a little. I hope you feel better. It takes time. Won't be a quick fix but little improvements will add up. Do something for you and don't let your anxiety become your master.


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