Does anyone else feel overwhelmed outdoors?

I have severe anxiety and derealisation that's been getting better lately, but I have a lot of trouble outside when my anxiety is bad. It's like I get this sense that the world is so huge and the sky is so big above me and I start to get dizzy. Even walking my dog down the street makes me uncomfortable. Everything just feels too BIG, I guess. Idk if that makes sense.


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  • have you tried reading dr.claire weekes books.they really helped me years ago?

  • Yes. Just dug mine out again

  • Yes I often get woozy anyway (probably nerves) but I know what you mean. It used to happen to me a lot as a child. Found the sky overpowering and awesome. I could never lie flat on the grass and look at the sky like my friends did as I felt as though I would fall off the world.

  • wow, this is exactly how i feel!

  • does to me.

  • I`m usually fine out of doors in my local neighbourhood, but if I have to travel to a strange area, especially where the buildings are tall, I get quite panicky & overwhelmed.

  • Oh yes, I feel this all the time,unsteady walking.Have to walk beside a wall,so I can cling to it, if I get dizzy, but it is anxiety, at its best..I know, because whenever I have a few drinks, in our local pub.I can walk. even run, home without feeling dizzy, Terrible what anxiety can do to

  • Do you still feel this way??? My derealization made me feel like the sky was too small 😕 And I was petrified to be outside. It felt like I was still inside smh. That has thankfully gone away. I actually welcome how big it is now because of how scary that part of my derealization was.

  • It goes back and forth for me. Sometimes the sky looks like walls and sometimes it just seems overwhelming and huge. Either way it ends up making me sick

  • Yes like walls exactly. And honestly I can relate to the overwhelmingly huge part as well. Derealization is so annoying. It really f's u up. I was literally in tears all day everyday and couldn't sleep at night at all. By far the scariest thing ever

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