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Being a zombie.......not fun!

Today was finally the day of Zombie School. I was so excited waking up this morning and went along to zombie school. It was going well to a tall American woman took a dislike to me and during a game of zombie chase, she informed someone she was going to knock me down! Well she did and it bloody hurt.

I banged my left knee and hip, the shock of being shoved and falling really peed me off. I got up, looked her into the eyes and said ' Start running before I catch you and hurt you back' She laughed and walked away. Everyone saw it and the main boss was shocked by her actions.

After that I couldn't move fast and was in pain. I felt like I was too unfit and felt like she got away with pushing me for no reason. I am not doing the game now, it's not worth the pain and 4 hours of running around Cardiff. My Dad is like email them and demand she says sorry but I doubt she will.

It's a shame really, I was making a good zombie. I should make my own game and make it easy and fun, without pushing people over for no reason.

Oh my poor body! Pain killers are needed lol

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HI Cardiff x Oh what a shame, there's always someone wants to spoilt the fun and she should be ashamed of herself. I think your dad is right, I would indeed email and complain of bullying at the workplace as that's what it comes down to. If it was you doing it to this woman in her home country you would be sued and dismissed for being a bully. The fact she actually told someone of her intention shows she was malicious and made a pre meditated threat which she carried out x I hope your wounds heal soon, for her a black heart will never heal xx DOnver x


Hi DONVER22 - I am feeling fine, sore but it will be fine. I am still fuming but the company are going to email me next week and ask what happened. I feel this woman should be banned from the game for being a bully and well doing something uncalled for.


Hi your right, I completely agree she should be banned, it was a bit of harmless fun and she went to far and became the bully. Glad t here the wounds will heal x


Hi cardiffgirl, what a,nasty thing to do, well done for sticking up for yourself after such a shock, hope you're ok and that bully gets banned from it , you could report her for assault there were witnesses to back you up if you wanted to xx



I am sorry that's how your Zombie experience was as I know how you were looking forward to it & the women was totally out of order !!!

Good on your Dad sending an email you will have to let us know if you get that apology you deserve !

Hope you are not in to much pain now

Take Care





Hello everyone :) I woke up today and felt like my WHOLE body was mad at me for doing this. I can't walk too good, legs, arms, back and well whole body is aching like mad. I did email the company and asked them to get in touch with the American woman so I can ask her why she did that to me. I've taken endless pain killers (well that's being a drama queen lol) and need a bath in a bit. It's strange being pushed over and hitting the ground did hurt but today it's caught me off guard


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