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Ticked a few boxes:-)

So im happier tonight:-) enjoyed the evening with the partner and my babyyy, gosh I missed him at school today, big hugs were needed. Had a nice take away,, as couldn't be bothered to cook, and enjoyed a couple of movies, really needed a good family time. Not done good with eating but made it up by scoffing a take away:P

Talked to the mr, problems and frustrations had been brewing for awhile and after a long talk I feel level with it all again, much happier and calmer:-) Things seem nicer then ever, more respect and communication, hopefully stay like this now.

I made it out:-D im very very happy with this,, I was so scared to leave again, walking down to the main road scared me, so the mr said come get the bin with me and go back, well when we got out the door I didn't wanna move, il stay in the front garden you get the bin, il get used to being out here for a bit first. Noooooo he locked the bloody door, panic started and I thought right, quicker I go get the bin the quicker il be back inside lol! well walked to the main road and WOLLA he brought the bin in that morning -.- (but hey you've made it you at the end of the drive) it was true I had done it and for some reason I kept bloody walking lol! then next door but one waved at us and I panicked ahh I cant go back she just seen us leaving lol so kept walking. I managed to walk another 5 mins down the road near to the park and I thought right im gonna walk back. on the way back I felt really panicky all of a sudden, probably knowing I was quite a bit from home then normal. but breathed and carried on walking not running, when we got to the path to our house I hovered around for a bit letting the pooch sniff and chase butterflies lol so I did eventually feel calmer outside.

Got to keep it going now and hopefully start feeling more myself:-D

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hey sounds excellent, i did a similar thing today, went for a walk and stopped and sat down for a couple of mins then rode my mates bike in a little circle then she said why dont i go on a little bike ride so went off for 15mins, and was nice, espeically as it was such a lovely day today then went to waitrose fr a few bits so all good here too! :-)


Well done :)

So pleased your day has turned out more positive , someone said to me once when i was having a bad day , the day can start at anytime you like , & they were right & yours started getting better tonight :) (if that makes any sense )

I struggle with going out , I dont leave the house , unless its appointments mostly

I have come to realize , like today though I seem to cope better when I do things on the spare of the moment , like just all of a sudden thinking , ok I will go for it !

Gives me less time to get wound up & start fearing which we knows turns in to panic

Hope you get a good nights sleep :)





Well done you! Keep them positives going girl.... you can do it!!:)) xxx



yes things can get better at anytime of the day, the day is never over til your asleep, feeling much more positive thankyou ladies :-) xxxxxxx


Glad you are feeling a lot more positive :)



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