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How do you know that its anxiety or that you do have a problem

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Hi my question is how do i know that its anxiety the headaches are coming from the pains randomly in my arm my head clicks time and time again and i go dizzy a lot n have pressure in my head. how do i know that this is anxiety or not a brain tumour which i keep telling myself i have and the pains in my arms randomly n stuff is the cancer spreading. thats what i tell myself all the time and i hate it, i think my worst fear is to be told i have cancer and its terminal and die at a young age leaving my kids. whereas if im told i have cancer now and it can be treated it wouldnt bother me ( well it would id be gutted like but as long as it isnt terminal) its weird im sick of thinking about it. thanks

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Sounds like health anxiety , as you are focused in on your health

I to have the same fears & have for years

I suffer with migraines & the thoughts that go round my head are as you describe , i have been seen & told everything is ok , but like now when I have had 2 migraines in 18 days it really doesnt seem easy to believe

I am sure you dont have a brain tumour , easier for me to say harder for you to believe , i no

Pains in arms feeling dizzy are all part of anxiety

Have you been to your GP , if you have & they say you are OK you have to believe them & start dealing with your anxiety , if you have not been go & tell them your fears & then they can put your mind at rest & you can deal with the anxiety

You are not alone in your thoughts , let us no how you go on



I've been to docs they referred me to a councillor which I didn't attend as had no one to have my lil boy. I've had bloods done came back normal and blood pressure all fine. I have a lump on my head which is I think we're it all stemmed from and started having panick attacks which luckily have stopped. I've had an ultrasound on it as originally they thought it could of been a cyst but there saying it looks just like a bone spur. But how do they know it isn't a thing serios they get it wrong all the time. I'm gynna make an appointment with opticians as I know I need work glasses but don't wear them and that could be reason for head aches. Just sick of any ache or pain or feeling I think oh no and expect the worse

I keep telling myself having another baby would be great and would be able find out if body working right and ill be too busy with baby too think too much. But I doo cakes and I'm up with them n busy n that doesn't help. Argh

Hi Tangytrina, it does sound like health anxiety as Whywhy has said. The chances of the doctors getting it wrong are really minimal. The kind of stuff you read about in the newspapers is extreme. Please believe the doctors when they tell you nothing is wrong. How can they tell its nothing more serious, I believe with ultrasound they can tell the difference between bone and a cyst, etc, so they will know what they have seen. Yes, go to your opticians, you should wear the glasses if you need them, but also the anxiety can give you headaches. My mum had a brain tumour, headaches were not one of the symptoms.

Sorry to hear about your mum. There's so many people getting cancer now adays that I have told myself it will happen to me soon. I just don't wana be told I'm terminal. N then like my partner said instead of focusing on what's gynna happen in the future enjoy your time now but it's very hard too when you constabkty worry. I only went shop last night late and thought I was gunna get myrdered ha seems daft now but at the time it was awful I try to avoid things that could result in me dying! It's crazy

Hi Tangytrina, I know it's hard but things will get better and it's because of your anxiety that is making you think these things at the moment. The truth is none of us know what is going to happen in the future. I try and keep I. Mind the old saying - the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. Might have paraphrased a bit there, but you get the gist! I find it really hard myself not to thin about what's going to happen In the future, but try to focus on one day at a time. Doesn't always work of course, but I try!

Hi Tangytrina

I have health anxiety and it is awful.

Please try and arange with your doctor to get put forward again for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and do your best to find someone to babysit for you. If you cant get a baby sitter there are facilities where a therapist can attend your house to see you. It has helped me a lot and I am sure you would benefit from it too.

Headaches bodyaches weird sensations are all part of anxiety and as I am sure most people on here will tell you that when you are depressed or suffer with anxiety the body plays up with all sorts of pains. If you are concerned about any health issues see your GP even if only to put your mind at rest. I am sure you are suffering the same as me and always fearing the worse I know how horrible it feels. I have had every disease and terminal illness known to man over the last 8 months :) and it is all in my head and the more you worry the more you feed the fear the trick is to try and deal with the health anxiety and therapy will help do that. It is working for me.

All the best


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