Need some reassurance this morning!!

Hi guys - haven't been back here in a while. I just needed some reassurance this morning. The past two weeks I have been getting these bad headaches that are pretty much constant. They are toward the forehead region and behind the eyes. Also the top of my head is sore. I get dizzy 24/7, lightheaded, and just overall unwell feeling - I also have these muscle twitches and sometimes body twitch while sitting at work. Well I have seen 2 different neurologists and have had CT scan of brain w/o contrast, an MRI with and w/o contrast of brain, an EEG, and an QEEG (All Normal) within the last year. So I shouldn't be worried about anything serious like a tumor right? This is just anxiety causing physical symptoms right?

Thanks everyone!

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  • I remember I use to get those twitches all the time o still do have them but not as often as when I first got anxiety an the tension on top of the forehead im experiencing that right now my anxiety wants to rear its ugly head but I refuse to let it get me down I hope u feel better soon

  • Thanks for the reply CWoodside. My anxiety has gotten so bad lately that I am even considering taking the Lexapro that my doctor prescribed me. I just can't stand the anxiety any more. It has been 1 year straight almost of CONSTANT ANXIETY. Sometimes it isn't as bad, but it is always there. Dizziness, faint feeling, lightheaded, headache, pain in different places. ect.

  • Im just so afraid of meds because ibe heard above habit forming and some even make your anxiety worse

  • I am also scared of meds. I heard you get really addicted and I would hate this to happen to me. I am trying everything natural. Acupuncture,chamomile tea,lemon balm tea,exercise,massage therapy. I am going to see a dietician,dentist and allergist next week lol. I really want to stay away from meds.

  • I had a headache like that about a month ago that lasted for about 2 weeks but I usually get them a week or so before my period not sure if your male or female lol I was light headed also so I took one of my pills for aniexty didn't help headache of course but helped the lightheadedness its probably aniexty if you already had test I wouldn't worry

  • Hi,

    With all the tests you have had, I would think it was due to stress/anxiety. Is your job demanding, and what is going on in your life at the present.

    I have had lots of face/headaches lately and really gets you down doesn't it? The doc's did think if may be arthritis of the jaw, so I am getting a face scan. I am not worried I just hate having headaches.

    I do hope you can find time to relax or meditate and see if the headaches disappear.xx

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