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It just keeps getting worse!

For about a month now I have been expirencing so many weird symptoms and I need someone's feedback even if it isn't my anxiety, I have been having pins and needles sensations threw out my body daily, chest pain, neck and back pain, internal shaking kind of like *vibrations* headaches, jerks in my sleep that wake me up. I have been to the hospital 6+ times for this, have had ekg, blood work, CT scans. Physical exams, everything. They all keep telling me I am healthy and nothing is physically wrong with me. I'm starting to think it might be a pinched nerve in my neck or something with my nervous system, if anyone has experienced any of these symptoms please give me your feedback thank you!

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First off talking about it helps. 2nd I'm not a doctor but it does sound like anxiety caused pain. Your head is a powerful being you want on Your side. Remember that first. To try something unusual would be smart. We've always come to the harshest conclusion while in attack mode. Try the softest approach, immediately think of what you ate, thought or what you did that caused this pain not the pain itself. As humans we like to blame things, food and activities make a easy target. It will keep your mind away from dark ideas that aren't a reality. Your mind travels so fast in anxiety you'll forget what hurt when soon. Also magnesium and vitamin b deficiency sometimes cause this sensations you speak of. Sleep and meditation help as well. I personally like morning affirmations when a episode occurs, but they have to start in morning before a episode starts. Be prepared is key.



You have gone through every possible test and all of them are okay! I have been where you are thinking something has to be wrong, each time I went the doc would always say it's ANXIETY, I thought to myself that there is no way that ANXIETY could be causing all of this!!! Anxiety plays on your mind, you have to be strong enough to say STOPPPPPPP, that little A word causes our bodies to go through the motion, it tricks our minds into believing something HAS TO BE WRONG, once I started seeing my psychologist, she explained everything! Anxiety is a HORRIBLE thing to have..I was getting weird head sensations and constantly thought I had a brain tumor, I had a CT SCAN on my brain and blood work done and both of those test were better than nornal....once you get through the phase that something is wrong and realize it's only your anxiety the symptoms will go away!


Hi Dominique,

The first thing is to TRUST your doctors that you are actually physically okay.

As the other posters have pointed out, the symptoms seem definitely anxiety related. A term you might hear is "psychosomatic" meaning originating in the mind. Look around for a psychologist or ask your doctor to recommend one who specializes in anxiety disorders.

Things that happen at night which disrupt your sleep need to be looked at. Good quality sleep needs be the #1 thing to look out for. There are over the counter sleep aides available through the pharmacy. Your doctor can prescribe either a stand alone sedative or something like mirtazapine which taken at night, treats the disorder and uses sedating side effects for sleep.

You should also look at developing a treatment plan at your next consult with your doctor. It's worth booking a longer appointment - let reception know the reason. You don't have to say mental health plan if you don't feel comfortable. Just say treatment planning.

Let us know how you go. :)

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Yes, I had a pain in my neck around my lymphnodes. It had me completely stressed out. I kind of knew deep down insides that I could be obsessing but the fear of other possibilities was to great. I was scared for the worse. I went to a couple of doctors and did scans and finally said... "if you put your left hand upper here on your neck to feel for the pain... take your hand and slap it away, after a few weeks it should start feeling better." This doctor confirmed the pain was really just my anxiety and I needed to except that... which is never fun and even a bit humiliating. But 6 years later no pain and and I am still fine. That is my story. I can't speak for you. I really hope it is just your anxiety because in the end that is the best news rather than having a real aliment.


Its all due to anxiety i think. I have things going on me i have been using medicine for my anxiety so dont be afraid all is good and will be good

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Its just nur anxiety.. I was like this at 1st before i know i have anxiety disorder..

I started to feel scared of death.. And scared of diabetes.. For.months i cried cause im scared i will have diabetes.. At last i found the strength to go and check and the result came out its lower glucose level.. Not diabetes.. I used to be so scared thatbi habe cancer although no psychical symptoms... I can t sleep at all at night.. Its horrible.. That few years back.. And nowadays the future scares me.. All theae include all the symptoms u mentioned... Neck pain, fatigue, horrible headache and many more.. Its not easy when the episode came but just know that it will all be over and u will be fine

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