Horrible sleep and now I'm panicking...... Need support guys

I just had one of the worst nights of sleep ever. Usually I am very calm Layin in bed and fall asleep no problem. But last night I felt all jittery and restless. Like I couldn't tell if my body was cold or hot. I was having weird sensations. I finally passed out at midnight to awake at 4am. My heart is pounding my head is easy everwhere right now and can't even lay down . my chest is hurting and feels heavy also. A Sharp where my heart is. I'm on my 19th day of zoloft and feeling like hell. My hands are shaking while I write this and my mind is everywhere so sorry if I'm rambling on. I just have no one else to talk to.....


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  • Hey hi there:)

    I think you need to do some deep breathing to calm everything down.

    Sit/lie in a comfortable position, now take a couple of big deep breathes as you exhale feel yourself relax... Now just relax notice the sounds and smells try and notice where you are tense and work on releasing that tension. There is an website called Headspace, check it out it's very good and I swear by it.

    Above all be kind to yourself, make sure you drink plenty of water. I use a lavender pillow spray to help me relax and sleep. Hope that helps xx

  • Thank you yummi

    I have been laying in bed doing deep breath and trying to focus. Thank you for the tips and will continue to do that. I like the lavender spray idea on my pillow. I will, let give that a try as well. Have a blessed day

  • Hey your welcome:)

    If it helps try and count your breaths. Inhale..1...exhale..2 on so on it should help to keep calm. Take care Hun x

  • It does help. I've been counting my breaths and relaxing. I tried to get up and I got super dizzy and anxiety real bad.

  • That's good you do that, try not to panic and just go with it. You know it's anxiety and you know it will pass. Try not to give anxiety the time of day. I know that's easier said but trust me if you dwell to much on anxiety it just makes things worse. Have you tried cbt?

    Have just done some sessions and feel better for it:)

    I can recommend a book that was suggested by my therapist "Overcoming Worry"

    It covers a range of anxieties and some self help tips. Give us a shout if you need any more tips, always happy to help:) xx

  • Hi

    I have already spoken to you but I do hope when your post gets seen as people come on you will get lots of helpful advise :-)




  • Thank you whywhy.

    And for the helpful tips. Have a great and bleesed day


  • I've got a few tips that help me when you have a. Bad night try a relaxtion but go down stairs if you can and get out of bed first you can get a relaxtion on the your phone as a app the best one I found is called no more panic it's hypno theropy do I think it's a cure no but it helps me when I feel bad I do hope thus helps another app i found good by the same guy is calle relax plus there is a free version of this xxx take care

  • Here's. Few more don't drink coffee or alcholal

  • i didnt find the app ur talking about but came across one called "Anxiety No More" by Paul David. came with a bunch of nice things. gonna give it a try.

  • o wow i never knew there was a app like that on my phone. i am definitely going to download it and give it a shot. Thank you Bigguy u take care aswell

  • Hello Eddie

    I know this is an old post but I just wanted to know how your doing?

    I'm Going through a real rough time with now. I just want my life back. I just want to feel normal

  • Hello pink1181.i am sorry for the late response. First I would like to ask how u are doing? Myself I am doing good. It has been a long journey and lots of obstacles in the way but I have been a lot better. I know u feel like all is lost and the way u feel is all alone. But know that we are here for u. I was once in ur shoes. Forums like these really helped me get through my struggles by asking a million questions. The only thing that helped me was talking to my doctor and sticking with a great medication and be living in myself once again. I know it's rough. I know all u want Is ur life back. And trust me u will. U have to stay positive and remember that ur not alone. Ur anxiety will not get the best of u! Feeling normal is out ultimate goal. I understand that...... But remember it's day by day... I know u will get through this with our help. I wish u all the best. And if u have any questions please feel free to contact me. - Eddie

  • Hello Eddie

    Thank you for responding.

    Having a bit of a rough morning woke up feeling anxious. I do not wish to start my day off this way so wrote in my journal and came on here.

    Yes that's all I want right now is to feel like myself again. I really dislike that this is happening to me. Didn't I have enough to deal with in life being a single mom and trying to hold on to a relationship that wasnt going anywhere and I wasnt the only girl he was seeing then this came

    along. Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going.

    So tired of feeling crappy most the time

    Nauseous, weak, dizzy, heart racing and this are just a few. My dr has prescribed me Efforex but I'm afraid to take them as I had a severe reaction to cymbalta ended up at the hospital and then citalopram made my symptoms worse.

    So I feel lost for sure and alone.

    My sister gave me this self help program called Attacking anxiety and depression by Lucinda Bassett

    It's a 15 week program and today I start week 3.

  • Hi Eddie,

    Your post was about six months ago and you said that you were on your 19th day of Zoloft. An hour ago, you say, 'sticking with a great medication'.

    I have been on Zoloft for only a week. The doc says it takes a while to act, so I'm hoping it does soon. It's only a low dose I think, 25mg a day.

    I have heard many good things about Zoloft, and not many side effects. Would you rate it highly?

    Time for a peppermint tea, I think.


  • Hello there frekks2021. So yha it has been about 6 months now. And I am on sertraline 50th (generic of zoloft) . And let me say I'm definitely doing alot better. First u are on the start up dose of 25mg. When are u moving no up to the actual dose of 50mg? I went 25mg for a week then jumped to 50mg. And I'm still on it everyday and my life has changed for the better. The first month while ur waiting for it to kick in is always the worst. My advise is to stick with it!!! Even if u feel it's not working. It's is! Just give it time. It's going to make u feel worse before it makes u feel better. But definitely talk to ur doctor about going to a therapeutic dose of 50mg so u can get a full effect of the medication. But in all I highly recommend Zoloft (sertraline) when u start to become used to it ur gonna find ur sweet spot on when to take u medication. Mine is everyday at 2pm. Hope u are doing well and stick with it! It will definitely pay off for u. O yha... What I did as well as tea goes.... Drink camomile calm tea!!! It definitely does put u at ease.... I still drink 2 cups a day. Take care and if u need more help please feel free to contact me. - Eddie

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