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So iv had a bad neck and back been and had it all fixed...but now a week later my neck is still bad... doctor has sent me to physio...I been getting weired headaches I think iv had them befor think they call it tension headache??? I know its just my anxiety but just wont to no if any1 else grt them and there symptoms ? Mine is like a weird head all day a fuzzy feeling and heavy head sort of feeling also ferl light headed ! As soon as I wake up I get this :/ last night was bad I kept waking all night to with it...hope every1 has had a gd day x


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  • Hi

    I suffer with tension headaches as well as migraines & there is a difference & I know which one I have got when I have them , but yes the tension headaches are as you described

    Your shoulders & neck have you ever lightly pressed where you feel it hurts , if I do I can feel the knots in my muscles & they are very painful & this is what causes the pain & until we relax & the muscles relax nothing gets rid if the pain

    Hope you have had a good day :-)




  • My days been ok thanks was gd to get out with the kids today ! Still got this funny head tho :/ hope I have a better nights sleep tonight ! Thanks for getting bk to me x

  • Hi Stacey

    I get a sore neck and back all the time so I've been going for weekly massages that really help it out. Maybe try that xx

  • Thanks ashley27 sounds like a gd thing to me...x

  • Hi Stacey

    I suffer with tension headaches too and take syndol when they get really bad. I also find 4head or vicks on the head helps to relieve some of the tension. I had a head massage last week and that really helped too.

    Jules x

  • I've had a bad neck since September last year. Feels like sort of swolen but doesn't look swollen it's my left side of my neck it's also stiff sometime. I'm praying it's my anxiety im really scared. I also get head aches do you think it's tension. Take care x

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