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Bad few days :(

Been feeling so good for such a long time now and since Tuesday not been great ! Had a little panic attack Tuesday it only a small one !!! Wednesday was the worst all day on and off feeling anxious !!! Thursday not to bad and today not great to start with but got a lot better as day went on. Sat home chilling kids in bed still a bit of a funny head with head ache on and off just hoping tomorrow is a much better day like I was last week "normal" again :-)x

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Hi Stacey

Try and see it as just a small setback, from what I have read, a lot say we can get a few setbacks before going forward all the way, and that it takes time. Try not to dwell, it look like you have got recovery there, with a little set back, don't let it throw you into total despair if you can, and hopefully tomorrow will bring another good day.




Hi Stacey

It comes as a shock when we have a little set back after we have been doing so well & we can instantly start to feel stressed & panic , through fear it is all coming back

I think as well we can forget that people that dont suffer with anxiety can have days when they feel like this , but because we do or have suffered I no we see it as an instant fear

Try & be kind to yourself , you might have been over doing it & need a rest (even though I see you have kids ) but try when you can & this will pass again :)

Keep talking on here as well





Thank you to u both :-) it is hard to chill with the kids bless love them dearly but could do with a rest!!! am starting to count the days till school and play school start bk lol shouldn't moan really they have been pretty gd to be fare :-) I am hoping its all going to pass I could feel it all creeping bk tryed to ignor it but didn't work that well lol !!! I am tired which really doesn't help me I always notice anxiety getting up there when I'm tired to :\ oh well tomorows a new day and all that :-) wish me luck x


O I remember the school holidays & no matter how good your kids were & how much you love them the last couple of weeks were always the worse , they drag & not only are we ready , I think the kids are to

This might have alot to do with you feeling a little anxiety , again even Mums without anxiety start to get stressed around now

I am wishing you luck , try & put your feet up whenever you get a moment

Come on here & have a moan or rant or whatever you want to do

Bet it gets better especially when you get your routine back , wont be long now :)



Thanks whywhy yeah getting a little stressed at times ! Lol routine ! Wot is that again lol I shall b on here a bit more from now till then I except :-) thanks for the luck r take all I can at the min :-) x


Hi Stacey.

Sorry to hear you had a little setback but try to focus more on the good days your having.

When i had a bad day i would dwell on it and think tomorrow will be exactly the same. I am sure things will start to get better for you. I often as myself why does fear create fear and then the anxiety goes through the roof. I suppose its learning how to deal with it and then toss it over our shoulder :) Tomorrow is a new day and i sincerely hope you have a better day.

Best wishes

Love Seyi xxx


Thanks. Me and the kids r of to the market now for a little look round get sum new bits and bobs ! I'm feeling much beeter than I have most of the week so getting out and about for a bit then a nice chilled afternoon I hope. Still a little bit of a funny head on and off but on the hole much better :-) x


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