Foggy head

Ok so got the foggy head today, and got abit of the feeling of detachment :-( i have came to the bingo still even thou i got that feeling. Its that time of the month plus ive been up and down in the night with a bad belly :-( i can feel the adrenlin every now and then, im just trying to keep my cool with it. I think i need to have a convasation with it in my head. I dont want to fight it, so its allowed to be with me. Once its had enuf it will start backing off. I know with us ladies i think our harmones dont help it either, (men u r lucky) i think alot of us feel worse then normal once a wk xxx


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8 Replies

  • Fear not my friend, it will pass.

    I had a fuzzy head earlier, felt numb and detached. I feel a bit better now but not 100%

    Hope your day brightens up xxxxxx best wishes

  • I hope you start to feel better soon, it can be really unnerving feeling detached but it's really good you didn't let it stop you from going out :) I can feel like I'm stuck in a bubble sometimes and can find communication really daunting but it seems to pass in its own time.

    I hope your day improves :) xx

  • I hate that detached feeling. My hormones dreadful and anxiety so much worse at least a week or 2 before. Think everyone hates me etc and tired and tearful. Hope your day gets better. If i force myself out i always feel better. X

  • My OH gets anxious when I'm due because I turn into a demon, nothing is right, everything is wrong. Toys get thrown out the pram, I can't sleep. I'm a bloody nightmare and I'm aware of it. I know I'm being a biatch but I can't stop myself. It's getting worse, think I need blood test for menopause. Xxxxx

  • Thinking of u xxx

  • I'm struggling really bad with the foggy head today also, it's really bad and hard to cope with. Please say this is temporary? X

  • Sending you a big hug Donaf. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good today. xx

  • I sometimes get a strange fuzzy head feeling. It only lasts a few seconds but it is most unnerving. It is hard to describe tge experience but it is almost like a short trance. Does this sound similar to you or anyone else.

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