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Bad Day

Having a really bad day today, my anxity is very high (and it's my day off at work) my head has been feeling very heavy, and getting the feeling about about to die, going right through my body, soo over it, (does anyone else get this feeling???? Have been feeling pretty good the last couple of days but today I feel I've gotten worse!!!

The doctor has put me on medication, Escitalopram 10mg has anyone else been on them before? I've only been on them for a week now, they say they take between 2-4 weeks to work!!

All u want is myself back to normal and not feeling this way anymore!!!!

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You will feel worse before you start to feel better when it comes to A/D's

Stick with them and I'm sure you will come out the other've done well having been on them for 1 week already.



Thank Ashley...

It's just so frustrating, just won't to go back to my normal self again :(

The feelings I get are so scary, honestly think I'm about to die, and think maybe I have something worse other then anxity!!

The feeling of heavy headed is horrible too it comes and goes all the time...

Just think why has this happened to me


Hey you try and not stress, most of us are in the "why me" boat lol I know I must ask myself about 10 times a day but in the end we all have the power to control it. It about finding triggers and things that help to calm down and realising that anxiety is not going to kill us.

I wish I could give myself this advice lol but I'm feeling rational this morning so you are getting the good chat :-)

I hope you're feeling better this morning



Yeah I know... I think I'm not even stressed, but still get these feelings, it's like I will be just sitting on the couch watching tv then start going all funny in the head, happens a lot under light too!

What have u done to help u?

I've tried yoga, walking, reading anxity book.. And my last resort was to go on medication!!


Hi Elyse

Sorry you are having a bad day today

Do you find that been at work helps you & you struggle more on your days of as there is not as much to distract you & therefore we can sometimes focus more on how we are feeling

I don't take those meds but you are right , they can take a good 4 weeks to work & while they are getting into your system sometimes you can feel worse before you feel better

My anxiety though has given & still does at times those feelings you describe , they are not pleasant I know & hard to ignore but if you can tell yourself nothing bad will happen & this is anxiety then eventually it helps with the fear we feel which creates the anxiety

I know its not easy to put these things into practice when we are anxious , but keep practicing because it does get easier

Do something that will make you feel happy today , it is your day of :-/





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