Bad pressure in head

Just wondering if anyone gets a weird pressure feeling in their head, neck, throat ( almost like you have to hold your head, it's too heavy and about to blow). It's not really pain but annoying and adds to my nerves. I did also get my blood pressure taken yesterday and it was 120/90 on blood pressure meds so now I am worried it's my blood pressure, although I did hear usually high blood pressure has no symptoms. Just wondering if anyone experienced this feeling and any advice on how to deal with it? Pain killers did nothing, I am pretty sure it's stress related.


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  • yes!!

  • Hi noemikahle, in regards to your blood pressure 120 is great and 90 just means that your body is not totally relaxed. This does happen when we are stressed. Doing relaxation several times a day 10 min each time would help bring your muscles into a relaxed state. It would also help the pressure feeling in your head, neck and throat. Hydrating is also important for the muscles as well as ridding yourself of the head pressure feeling. Putting heat around your shoulders will also help reduce the head/neck feeling. Be aware of your posture when sitting so that you are not jutting your head forward when looking at a computer screen, Iphone, reading a book etc. Feel better soon and Breathe.....

  • I have had this pressure in my head for two weeks now, it's not really a headache it's just a weird feeling in my head all day. Has these symptoms gone for you now and did you do anything to stop it?

  • Nope, still have it and sometimes it's just pressure and other times pressure with migraines ( every pm). I am seeing a chiropractor, helped a bit with the neck but not the pain/ pressure, I have two theories that mine is either continued stress or more likely medication related, I have been on celexa for a while and the pain seemed to start around then. My plan is to start amytryptaline ( prescribed for headaches and anxiety and chronic pain) and try to get off celexa, Are you on any meds? On the other hand if it's anxiety related then my current meds are not working anyways, I use heat sometimes, it relaxes me and eases the pressure a bit I have taken amytryptaline twice since prescribed and it seemed to make my head feel lighter!

  • I'm not on any meds now but i was taking some for sickness and dizziness. Does your head feel somtimes light headed and just feel generally unwell? I wake up and i already feel the pressure in my head and i start to worry it could be a tumor or something serious

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