Stressfull day

Had to go out this aft ,and was bothered bout it all morning so much that was a bit late with my inhaler .tablet for my acid ,my citalopram and my co,codamol not much time between them by the time I went out had to get a taxi ,felt so awfull shaky ,light headed ,this has lasted all day,feel ugh,how could I have been so thick,so major anxiety for the rest of the day ,o boy.


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  • Hi meg, sorry to hear about your stressful day. I hope you are managing to get some sleep now, and tomorrow seems a little brighter for you:)

    Warmest wishes

    Eva x

  • Thanks Eva ,but still struggling,I'm up and down stairs for one thing or another,just can't settle at all

  • Meg sorry your feeling unsettled.

    Take it easy Friday.


  • Yes I will ,got to ring docs today for my 2nd lot of cholesterol results I had done on tues

  • Oh meg I'm sorry to hear this, I hope you are feeling a little brighter soon.

    Warmest wishes

    Eva x

  • Thanks very much love ,hope so too xxxx

  • Hi meg

    Sounds like you had a rough day today :-(

    You are not thick we all forget from time to time in fact reading your post has made me remember I didn't take mt BP tablets today !

    Hope you get a good nights sleep & have a better day tomorrow :-)




  • Thanks bev,iv been downstairs twice to keep refilling my hot water bottle ,so on edge even now,

  • Hope that you had a good sleep eventually and that Friday will be a better day for you. Love Julie xx

  • Thanks Julie ,woke up feeling sick ,o dear

  • Hi meg

    Why do we do this to ourselves? We worry about something and it completely takes over, then our day is spoilt by us worrying that we've forgotten something and then we worry about that! !! Damn and blast this anxiety! ! We will beat it though. One fine day we'll get up and we'll go about our daily business without a seconds thought, and the next day and the next day and so on. ....... I keep hoping that day is today! !

    Still, don't put yourself down girl, take a deep breath count to ten and get on with it, maybe that day will be today!!!

    Hope you have a better day today anyway Meg. X

  • Doubt if it'll b today though,feel awfull

  • Hi Meg how do you feel now hope you are feeling better. Hope your results from your doctor are ok. You take care. Xx

  • Leaving in a few mins

  • Hope your tests are good. Xx

  • Got fairly high cholesterol ,so been put on statins

  • Hi meg , I have answered this in the message :-)


  • I dread having mine tested last year it was 6.1 the doctor put me on different statins but they made my joints very painful so I asked if I could try without tablets which I did and after 6 months it came down to 4.5 but the last few months with my anxiety I have been eating all the wrong things. What was your reading Meg . Xx

  • Hi cloggs

    Sorry for butting in but mine is high as well , I am trying to get it down without the meds , just wondering what kind of things you ate to help yours to come down if you don't mind me asking

    Thank you :-)


  • I was going to ask that as well

  • Hi why why I cut out biscuits I just wouldn't eat one I would eat the packet, fresh cream cakes, hard cheese and fruit pies. All those I would have lots of.i am greedy. I was told by my doctor that in the next 10 years I had 20% chance of having a stroke or heart attack because my father died at 65 with heart attack. I stopped eating white bread ate hovis oaty bread oats for breakfast and I drank a small bottle of benecol after my main meal. And just ate more fruit and veg ate more chicken and fish. I ate more healthy but as I have said I'm sure it's crept up because with my anxiety I have ate all the wrong things. I must try harder take care and thank you why why for your advice when I was in Hong Kong Christmas. Xx

  • Have to admit before Christmas I was doing really well & then slipped with all the goodies

    Even before that I didnt eat to much cheese because I am not over keen , was good having no sweet things , even though I still dont loose weight !

    I dont eat white bread only 50/50

    Eat fish twice a week

    Think my salads start healthy till I start on the salad cream


    What a mess really !

    But I have a meds fear so I tried statins & couldn't cope the fear took over but I also suffer with migraines & the short time I took them I was having a migraine every day !

    I will have to have another test in the next couple of months & dreading it !

    Oh it is always a pleasure replying to people if I can :-)


  • I allways get migrains with them

  • Gone up to bed and as I was saying to clogs 1,I'm trying to sort out my anxiety. Y not the rest of me and do some good ,doing my best to try and eat healthily from now on,I'd got into bad habits after I quit smoking,time to sort it,nite bev xxx

  • Well done stopping smoking meg :-)

    Yes I will look at what I am doing to & lets see if we can get them down !


  • Thats 3of us on the wagon then,can't fail can we,but we've got to be honest no sneaking the odd pack of biscuits,I'm really looking forward to this challenge,it's given me a goal. Something to aim for and help me regain my health

  • 8.1, but I take a low dose aspirin every day ,it's allways been lie this no matter wat I eat ,doc says my body produces too much cholesterol ,it's an inherited thing

  • I was on them 2yrs ago but they gave me terrible heads

  • Wat did u eat to bring it down Hun?

  • Hi Meg I have replied to why why but what I forgot to say I ate almonds as well and oily fish I used to steam my fish. You take care. Xx

  • Thanks for the advice hun

  • Your welcome and tomorrow I'm going to go back to eating all the things I should be eating. Take care Meg xx

  • Ok,biscuits and cake are my downfall,iv already been to the shop for some low fat yogurts and fruit,no more biscuits,and home made cake,

  • We will do it.xx

  • Doc also said I'm borderline diabetes too,hope I can turn all this around

  • You will Meg I'm going to start mine tomorrow. Keep in touch we will do it together I can't take statins to many side effects xx

  • Its a deal then ok?

  • Yes it's a deal xx

  • Oke doke ,catch u tomoz xxx

  • Ok no problem. Xxx

  • Doing my big shop tomoz my friend takes me,I swear no biccys or sweets,I don't want to b on statins for the rest of my life or b a diabetic,I quit smoking 4yrs ago if I can do that I can do this

  • Yes I quit smoking which was hard so yes we can do this as I told why why I lost my father at 65 to heart attack, I was 65 in December and I would like to live a bit longer. Xxx

  • Im 64 next fri, and I agree I'd like a few more yrs yet,my mum died at 60 of bowel cancer

  • You were born on Valentines Day then.

  • Yep I'm a valentinebaby,my daughter is coming over on thursnite and sleeping over and spending the day with me and taking me out to lunch,don't worry il havesomething healthy

  • Thats nice your daughter is coming over. I miss my daughter she lives in Dubai but she's coming back to live here beginning of May. She has been in Dubai for 9 years.xx

  • Yes I'm looking forward to her visit very much,going to sign off now Hun having an earlynite as I'm up earl. Tomoz,will catch u tomorrow evening if that's ok nite and god bless youxxxx

  • Yes goodnight god less.catch up then xx

  • Hi Meg how are u doing I have replied to your message. Xx

  • I can'ttalk now I'm off to bed ,verypoorly

  • Hi meg

    Was struggling to find you but saw you in the news feed

    I hope you feel better when you have had a rest & maybe do a post later on here to let us all know how you are :-)

    Thinking about you :-)


  • Thank u,just waiting for my prescription to b delivered

  • You take care Meg as why why said thinking about you. Xxxx

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