Really hard day anyone relate

So I'm at a low point today very disappointed in myself, I workout every other day so 3-4 times a week and I always start off by a 15 minutes run(treadmill) I usually do intervals 5 minutes 2 min walk etc and every some time I go up a minute not pushing it so I'm at 18 minutes now and today I was going to try 19. But I couldn't even finish 5 minutes, in so confused, I'm rethinking how my day went and I had a terrible aniexty attack at school having to go up and preform a presentation by myself and been siking myself up for the last 2 weeks and felt soooo bad before and after, feels like a heart attack over and over I hate it so much. I also went on a long 30 minute walk with my dog, so am I overthinking or is this maybe why I'm having such difficulty running today, just not in a good mind set since the panic attack been a sad day, I have exams in a week so it's not help. Sorry for all this just was wondering for some help:) thanks


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  • Can't imagine what it must of been like doing that presentation. I would probably have a heart attack. But I definitely think you shouldn't worry you were worn out from the day. When I had to go into work once to do training I had a really bad anxiety attack before becuase I don't really have much friends at work so social anxiety was getting to me and even tho when I came in and it wasn't even that bad 10 minutes into the training I felt like i couldn't breathe suddenly and had an urge to hyperventilating but stopped myself so I don't embarrass myself and my heart was racing and I felt shaky and after 3 hours of sitting there like that when I got home I was so Tired. Walking up the stairs was even exhausting. And when I got into bed I passed out. So it's definitely anxiety that made you not even able to last 5 minutes so I wouldn't worry x

  • Thank you so much, Im at the point of total sadness and I'm so not sure why, I'm crying over nothing and it's so frustrating because it's almost the effect of things that don't matter that I stress about and worry about and I'm over thrown with anexity it's been almost 6 months and I try to deny myself I have it but It's just very difficult sometimes

  • Don't deny it! My best advice. It's been a year since I started having anxiety attacks and at first it was always not anxiety but this and that To me. Now I only get anxiety attacks once in a while and my worst ones are when something really stresses me out. My best advice is to accept it. And start getting back to normal. What I did was I started slowly going out as much as I felt comfortable with. If I didn't feel like going out 3 times in a week but only twice I wouldn't push myself. One thing that really helped me as well is reminding myself of my other attacks I had before. Weird but works. When you're struggling with it. Think of your previous attacks and how bad they were and you were fine after. Like I say stuff like "Rem that one time you felt like fainting" "remember when your heart wouldn't stop racing but you were fine after" "remember how you thought you were gonna stop breathing and die and then nothing ever happened and you were fine" it helped me a lot. Helped me Accept it's only anxiety and I'll be fine. But I totally understand how you feel x

  • Once again thank you so much, your advice is awesome and I will try it out:)

  • I wish you the best x

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