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Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Boxing Day

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did enjoy myself a lot yesterday, my family and I played some really cool board games, which we have not played before. It was very fun and lively. I enjoyed the food and the whole social aspect of it, the pictures and just spending time with family.

I also got some really nice presents but it is so weird as I was down before Christmas thinking that I would get no gifts, I have been so used to giving a lot and always not getting back much in return and usually I just love seeing peoples faces when I give them gifts but this time I wanted more. I wanted a few gifts even if it was just a couple so I was slightly discouraged on Christmas eve, in the lead up to Christmas.

Well it turns out that I was in for a pleasant surprise as I got all my gifts of Christmas day and I had loads of presents. So I was worrying about nothing.

So I guess in life we should not worry too much as there is always something good around the corner for those that are loving, giving and kind to others.

I got some lovely presents which included:

- Hand bag

- One of Jennifer Lopez's Perfume

- Dress

- Make up set

- Dressing gown set

- Underwear

- Socks

- Chocolates

- Flowers

So I realised that I am more loved and blessed that I assumed.

I believe that we should write down the good things that happen to us and really value ourselves and use the positive things that we experience to help us overcome anxiety, low feelings and depression.

I will keep blogging and I look forward to hearing back from some of you soon!

Let me know how your Christmas went....did you have fun?

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday...xxx

5 Replies

What a lovely post! SO glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, hun, and so much evidence that you are loved and valued! Brilliant - so happy for you! :-D

Hope the New Year goes on the same way!





Thanks very much Rose!!

I hope you are good and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas also!

Bless u. Xxx


Me too. What a ray of sunshine! Cheered me up no end this morning. Bless you. Love. jonathan.


Thanks very much Jonathan! So happy to hear this. Hope u had a grea Christmas. :-) x


Ah Bless you darling! thank you for cheering us up today :) x Ella x


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