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Good News


Hi All, I eventually got my 2nd year mammogram results after waiting for 3 weeks and there was no sign of cancer. The Doctor said that I was very lucky catching the lump so quickly, the lumpectomy and the 23 Sessions of radiotherapy has worked, hopefully. I went to see my Pain Consultant who is fabulous and he changed my morphine tablets over to another morphine based tablet and I must admit they are working. I have another appointment with him on 2nd April for more gossip. We talk about everything and I would recommend him to everyone who suffers with severe pain. My anxiety has calmed down a little and yesterday I drove to our local Supermarket without taking one Diazpam !!!!!! It was our Wedding Aniversary yesterday and my Husband bought me a dog tag necklace, black skinny jeans, flowers, chocolates and a CD as I adore music. I I have said before we only knew each other 10 days before we got married many years ago. I do have flu at the moment but I do feel so much better in myself and even my Husband has said how I have changed to the "party girl" he married. I know just to take one day as it comes. I have been unable to work due to a botched gallbladder operation and 6 operations to try and remedy it so I am on my own most of the day but determined to drive somewhere every day. My hairdresser is coming today so my long hair will be back to deep plum and black. Take care everyone xx

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Hi sundayschild, that's absolutely fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you and your hubby, happy anniversary by the way:) you sound very positive and after everything you've been through, you seem very determined and so strong, it's very admirable and gives me hope:) even though there are still 'those days' and with a lot of pain it sounds like you are doing really well, long may it last. I hope you enjoy having your hair done and hope it makes you feel even better.

Warmest wishes

Eva x

That's great news that you've been given the all clear............

I enjoyed reading your post, what a lovely love story.... how long have you been married??

And well done for pushing yourself to get out, I know how hard that can be!!

Love Ker xx


Great news and a very uplifting post for us all to read,knew each other for 10 days and it has lasted ,brilliant ,bet everyone said it wouldn't last!


hi sundayschild, what a great uplifting post, we are both so happy for you and your hubby, take care. jasper xx



Really pleased your results were negative :-)

Sounds like you had a lovely Anniversary which you deserved :-)

Hope you are happy with you hair I bet it looks lovely :-)




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