Got good new yesterday

Well I got some good new yesterday my honey came home from work and said him and I need to go talk to our landlord we did and now I am the manager of a motel I will be running the whole motel by my self free room and Bord now my honey and I can relax and not worry so much he work $15 an hour I now run a motel we can save money and pay our Bill's with out worries.. No more paying $350 a week in rent and now I can keep my self busy mind free on stress and not focusing on my anxiety, PTSD I'm a happy girl.. I prayed and prayed for the lord to help us and he sure did he my honey and I were blessed last night god is good..


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  • Jax78, I'm so happy for you. Good things do happen to good people. x

  • Yes ma'am my dude makes $15 an hour if he don't find anyone to pick him up every morning he is going to have to quite and find something else closer to home I'm not going to stress over it at all we will be fine.. We have no rent to pay now so everything will be fine we need things yes but the big bill is no more wilorries thank the lord.. My honey is very happy for my I am the boss where were moving to and my dude is going to be my part time maintenance guy ha lol.. He knows how to do what ever so he will be helping me out a lot.. I can't believe everything is finely looking up yay

  • Oh I'm accepting my anxiety not so bad anymore it there but I'm ignoring it I feel the the pain inside and out but excepting it is helping me so much

  • It does Jax, I do the same thing and it truly makes a big difference.

    I'm just so happy for you. Congratulations on your new job. :)

  • Thank you Agora1,you know I didn't realize how many people actually have anxiety depression PTSD I sat and just thought about it a few time's.. No one understands it unless you have it.. I pray for everyone who has it it is not fun its a very Scarry thing to have it affects many people in so many different way's

  • Prayer really does work. Always Believe in Him. God is Great! He knows what to do and all you need to do is trust in Him always. God Bless you and your family!


  • Thank you so much I pray for my self and everyone as well the lord is awesome

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