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This Flight to Night

Afternoon all,

Haven't written a post for a while. Been bouncing along with the good days and bad ones, but I'm now starting to feel the anxiety and frustration well up in me again.

I started January with a lot of positives, all felt good in my world, I started to get job interviews and some of the feed back I was getting seemed very good. Yes, feedback is one thing, actually being offered a job is another. No offers and then you begin to question yourself. The negatives take over and before you know it the cycle has kicked in again, possibly not so bad this time but I think it is coming.

My biggest problem is in my working life. I was a LGV driver. The job that I enjoyed, the one I did for 30 odd years but I cannot do any longer because of a medical condition. Also because of the incident I was involved even though it was 10 years ago, driving begins to make me anxious even small journeys. I have recently been communicating with people through a different site and am starting to miss that role so much, just thinking of the different parts of the country I visited.

Do I look for a similar job but with a smaller vehicle, knowing I won't be traveling the same distances as I once did, and fight the stress. Or am I just grabbing at straws because long term unemployment is beginning to look a near certainty. Shall I go and visit my GP and go all through this with him, or find some counseling some where to help me.

I really just do not know what to do for the best and would appreciate any advice or experiences any of you can offer me.


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Firstly, if you feel that you can handle a smaller vehicle and the shorter distance then go for it. If however you think you need some help then by all means go and see your GP if you need counselling I'm sure he can arrange it for you. You could see if there are any self help groups in your area.

Stay positive Kenny


Thanks Kenny,

Maybe the self help group is an option to look at or the counseling route.

I'll give both some thought.




Nice to see you posting again :-)

First I am going to say well done getting interviews , the job situation is terrible out there & not easy for anyone with or without anxiety & getting interviews alone is a big achievement even though as you have said not getting the jobs at the end of it must make you feel knocked back , but when I feel knocked back I tell myself it wasn't meant to be there must be something else I just don't know it yet !

All the questions you have asked nobody I don't feel can tell you what will be best for you they can say what they would do but that's not necessarily the right thing for you

When I get a situation like this , I have to be totally honest with myself & ask myself not what I would ideally want to do but what can I actually do & cope with realistically & sometimes writing down these things rather than letting them whiz round in my mind getting jumbled up helps me & then answering them honestly & the answer can be there then looking straight at me when I do this !

Maybe counselling could be an option though that I think would benefit you it could help to give you the answer if you could overcome your anxiety with driving or not

Sorry if this hasn't been much help but I have tried :-)





Hi Why Why,

Thanks for the comments as always helpful.

I put this question out in the open because I know it is one I need help with to decide what to do. I have spoken to others and they feel that maybe I should relocate to help me find a job, more decisions, more anxiety, more stress.



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