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Frustrated, Burnt Out, I don't Know What To Do Anymore


I came on here because I saw this as a really great place for me to seek people who are going through similar issues and could perhaps give some advice. But now I feel kind of uncomfortable, like I'm in the wrong place. No one specific made me feel this way, it's just I see everyone talk on here and I think, "well my problems aren't that bad, maybe I shouldn't be on here." And I feel like I can't talk about the things that are bothering me. Well if anyone cares to listen here we go:

I don't like my job because it doesn't give me enough to do throughout the day, and how I have to work three jobs and because of the three jobs and the lethargic-ness of my main job I feel tired and cranky all the time, and I just want to cry because I feel so frustrated. The solution should be just get another job if this one is making me feel so unhappy, but there aren't a ton a jobs in my field that pay as well as the one I'm at now with my level of education and experience. And now I'm starting to feel bad about my weight because my main job is a sit down desk job so I feel like I'm getting fat and lazy. I'm exercising and walking during my lunch breaks but it's not helping. I tried to take a vacation during xmas break, thinking all I needed was time off, but I never really got to have a vacation because my family took advantage of my time off and there's so much drama going on in right now.

I'm just getting to a point where I don't know what to do anymore.

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I'm going to touch on your job for a moment, I appreciate it pays you well, but if you can get by in a lower paid job let me tell you something, a job is a job and in NO WAY more important then your health and well being.

If you are frustrated that much by your job to the point its reducing you practically to tears and making you miserable it's time for a reality check, I used to work in a job that I put up with and it's part of the reason I got so stressed out I ended up needing to come somewhere like here, if only I'd heeded the warning signs sooner of being overly stressed.

You aren't lazy the fact you do your walking exercises etc shows you aren't willing to just sit there and do nothing, the very fact you're driven enough to even try is a massive plus.

Everyone's issues are relative to their lives and nobody should feel that there problems make them worth any less.

I'm not a person living in a third world country with aids and barely surviving on dirty water and rice, does that make my problems to me and my life any less important and de value my need for advice and support? Hell no, nor does it yours.

People need people, if we didn't have people to talk to what would we be? Watch I am legend for an example on that 😉.

Hope this in some way helped.

Thank you for understanding. I know that not everyone deals with the same problem and that just because someone else is going through something else doesn't lessen the severity of my own problem. And I wish I could just do that - quit the job for something that pays less to make me happier, but the problem is I have so many bills and even though my current job pays me more than any other job I've had in my field, I still have to work two part time jobs on top of it to be able to afford to eat, and even that grocery budget is small. And I've cut out where I could - I don't go out, I rarely go shopping, I pack a lunch and I don't buy alcohol. And I can't ask my parents for help cause I have a big family and they have their own bills to pay. I just feel so stuck and pointless in this job.

I still think you should really broaden your search, your happiness is way more important then staying in this situation 😊.

First, no judgments here. What you are dealing with is just as important as everyone else's issues. Please try not to compare yourself to others. Second, as for the job, you may need to weigh out the pros and cons of how it's affecting your mental health. I recently received a stand up desk and i'm finding myself more energetic as I use it. Perhaps your employer would invest in you with one. Keep up the walking and watching the snacks. Sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst. Try to drink water throughout the day to keep the munchies at bay. These physical things can help keep your mind on track. Prayers for peace and wisdom to know what to do.

I completely understand, I'm kind of in a similar position of "Frick, what do I do now"

I'm Currently in my second year of college and up until recently was an elementary education major, however,(mostly due to my ADHD but potentially other factors as well) I've struggled with the amount of work in every education class I've taken, despite doing well in the field work portions. So I'm at the point where I'm wondering if what I really really want to do is something that I really can do. It's very discouraging, but I'm pushing through and doing whatever I can to get my confidence back.

Here's to hoping we both make it through!

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