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Out of control

Ive just been trying to figure out today why I've always let my anxiety control me and let it effect the lives of those around me,last year I had a failed Ivf cycle which is even difficult to write about to be honest,total devastation for me and my partner and €7000 worse off,we,ve tried for a family for so long but still no luck,I suppose in the back of my mind is always the worry that he,ll meet someone else,the anxiety simply cripples me at times,I'm just trying to pull myself out of the black hole I,ve felt that I've been in for the last year or two and try and salvage what I can of our relationship,he has been very patient and understanding though and I can't imagine my life without him,seeing my dad have a near fatal heart attack has made me realise how short life is and that I want to be truly happy without feeling anxious or unhappy

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Hi, you've had a not nice year. Have you had any counselling? We are here if you need to talk

Take care xx


Hi winter 12

Thanks for caring,it's really reassuring to have this forum and it's already made a positive difference to me xx



I am sorry to hear what you are going through it must be a really difficult time & I cant imagine what it must feel like when you want children so much

I am sure your OH loves you dearly & wouldn't even dream of looking else where , your anxiety may be telling you this but reality will be he loves you very much & if you are blessed with children or not his love for you will never change

Keep talking on here & the more information you can give how your anxiety affects you on a daily basis I know members will give you lots of support , sometimes we don't have all the answers but we are very good at listening :-)





Hey why why

Can I just say that you are such a tonic and your reply has made me smile,thanks for caring,it makes a big difference xxx


Oh thank you ,I really appreciate your comment :-)



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