What we all up to tonight x??

Hi all, Friday nights pft not the same as they used to be, for me its kids in bed and relax. Its awful being housebound, I like to chat and be friendly and we often miss human company. My hubby goes to bed at the same time as the kids :/ He has rheumatoid arthritis and likes to be up by 5am so is ready for bed before me. My 14 year old is annoying me chatting about computer games, which I know bot all about. I wish his xbox would blow up sometimes hehe. My friends are all bus being social. Or so they tell me. Or they have lovely dovey nights in with their hubbys.

So I thought I would come on here and see what everyone else has planned for tonight? Takeaways? Dvd and wine night? I think I may go and track down criminals on my fbook game lol x What a life xxx Donver


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17 Replies

  • I play a criminal game on facebook, hightlight of my night too aha!

    I cant get out it is depressing at night and my partner plays on his xbox, tbh im shattered when I get my lad to bed, bubble bath, wine and a good movie, maybe even drag the mr to sit with me since last few days ive had to watch mans games -.- lol xxxx

  • Sounds good Michelle lol x I've had to stop playing i'm out of energy. Its better than candy crush I was getting annoyed at that.

    Im always looking for something to do and always bored thats half my prob. When my hubby awake he is on his bloody online bingo lol worse than a woman x

    Bubble bath sounds nice :) I'm watching alan carr at mo he is always good for making you laugh x Hope you have a nice chilled relaxing night xx

  • Hello donver :)

    Well looks like everyone is content , with the replies , which is good :-/

    Me well I have been nursing a headache ever since last night which I think just might be deciding to go , fingers crossed

    Also thinking what a load of ironing I have to do tomorrow , got right behind & my OCD wont allow it now to carry on but its going to be hard work as I dont feel great

    And , I no I have to or there will be upset , but part of me thinks I so over did it yesterday , as i wasnt well & I am thinking i have to go out Sunday now , Oh well face it all when i have to

    So just been in shower , got so much on TV to watch , I cant keep up & I have got to , or I will read what happens or here it from someone , so just relaxing or trying & watching TV

    Everyone is quite here tonight , as there is a big footie match they are going to tomorrow , rivals from another town coming over , so thats about my night , but I actually would be enjoying it if I didnt feel yuk




  • Aww whywhy sorry to hear your still not to good x hopefully them antibiotics will kick in soon. Never good feeling ill on top of anxiety. I think headaches are made worse and longer by stress and tension, and you did do a lot yesterday x but it was all good and very worthwhile with your bargains and hairdo xx

    I think we are all content in some ways today, positive friday is having good effects x

    I did my ironing today x I had no one in the house, no one to phone so I amused myself by ironing. did,nt realise the bloody pile was so big like, but its done. :)

    After alan carr, im out of tv so I have told the son he can watch family guy, I chuckle along with stewie so it will keep me amused lol x

    Oo football x my nemesis lol x I don't knock it but can think of other things to get excited about lol x

    Hope the headache goes and you can enjoy the rest of your night x and don't worry about Sunday you ill have a great time xx

    xxDonver xx

  • Is my town coming to visit your town tomorrow? I do hope you feel a little better tomorrow xxx

  • Yes your town is coming to visit my town tomorrow , we are suppose to be rivals tomorrow & expecting your town to cause trouble in our town tomorrow , so could you ask them to be good please :D


  • Lol, I have a lot of clout but, I don't quite think I have enough to tell them to behave themselves! Sorry, I'm not a native anyway so I don't have rivals!!!!! Xxxxx

  • Oh never mind , think we will cope , I might go down & start having a panic attack at them , that might frighten both sides :-/


  • Hi all. I have had a really good day but for some reason didn't sleep well last night kept waking up lol. My other half is doing some work from home an foam laying on the bed in my pjs watching crap telly lol. What have we all got planned for tomz? Xxx

  • Hi Loopy x Glad to hear you have had a good day x not so good with the night. Its awful when you randomly wake in the night as you always worry about why you have woken, or is that just me.

    Nice to have the hubby home and be chilling. Best way x Id do it myself but hubby is in bed lol x Crap tv always good x

    I have nothing planned so far for tomorrow. I keep telling the hubby I need a hobby but cannot find any I like. I did promise the 5 year old we would venture into the garden to find some bugs, he is obsessed lol x Any plans for you??

    xx donver xx

  • No lol not just U I worry too if I wake randomly as I think it's for a reason or Iam ill. I am going to try and go into town with my sister providing it's not raining and I feel good. Iam on a new path now and need to continue going forward. I have been told Iam ok and well so need to accept that if not Iam tuning all the things I have too look forward to lol. Ah big hunting sounds like a great plan :-) xx

  • Oo sounds like you have a fun day planned x Always good getting into town where all the wonderful shops are :) You have a good attitude there x onward and upward x or one I like is dory finding nemo x just keep swimming lol x which if it rains you could put into practice ;) lol xx

  • I mean bug not big xx

  • Hi donver, well my exciting night consisted of falling asleep on sofa, think I missed the 2nd episode of corrie :D

    Mimii xx

  • You didn't miss much mimii lol x Why not sounds as if the sleep was maybe needed x

  • Anyone watching Atlantis tonight? Will have to be good to replace Merlin but I'm sure it will be :-)

  • I was,nt one for merlin tbh x this new one sounds good though. Alas it may have to be recorded as I am a sod for x factor lol x And I cannot miss mr lemon after he is guaranteed to make me laugh x

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