HI All x

HI all x how are we all? x Its nice to be back in the uk on the actual anxiety site :) I was beginning to wonder what it was I suffered from on holiday as it was so relaxing over there lol x Anyway back in time for Xmas what more could we want x

Not feeling to clever at the mo x So tired and of course this is making my anxiety go into overtime x Not making it any easy for myself I have over eaten and now have a stomach ache x Im all aches and pains x I hate these days when i feel so anxiety filled x I honestly think its worse when we are ill anyway as the anxiety thinks yeah an excuse to be mean x Never mind x ill keep plodding on x :)


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  • A yup, glad to see you back here. I hope you feel better soon xx

  • HI Winter xx Glad to be back x And ty x well done on the admin role to xx :)

  • Thank you, I'm glad your back to xx

  • Hi Donver

    The holiday was rather nice , I enjoyed myself to :-)

    But we needed to be back in time for Christmas , we could make it look like Christmas on here & change are profile pics to something Christmasy for those that like it , I cant do mine yet till after Will-i-am but I think after that I will :-)

    You no as much as we may like Christmas though I think it is a very stressful time for some & I no how much you have been doing with your tat & things & as well as your anniversaries that are emotional for you , so this may be way you are feeling like you do , but it will calm down again

    I will be stressed soon as I have not done a lot yet & starting next week it will have to be organized !

    You made me laugh saying you had over eaten & now didnt feel very well :-D

    You didnt have to do it , but it must have been nice , what was it ?

    Must say , I have managed to eat half a large bar of chocolate & dont no how that happened , I didnt mean to :-D




  • HI Why xx Yes my first holiday of this anxiety lol x So it was much needed x :) And very relaxing hehe x But yes its good to be back for xmas x We do love Xmas now don't we x Im going to take a nice pic once my tree is up and have it as my prof pic lol x Before my mad kitten destroys it lol x You have to get nice pic of Will to have for yours lol x

    Yes I think you are right x I am feeling a bit down as yesterday was my nana n grandas wedding anniversary x It would of been 59 years x But I think today is mostly tiredness after a few not so good nights x

    Dont stress x im sure you will have xmas sorted you can be very determined when you need to be lol x I am blaming the hubby he bought me 2 yes thats right 2 bags of marks n spencers milk gums the one with the powder on x And im ashamed to say i have eaten both x :/ and a salmon paste sarnie lol x :) hehe Donna x

  • You have stayed really strong as well as supporting this site , the other one & me , so dont be tough on yourself , maybe a rest if you can & try & relax & get a good nights sleep

    Well that so was hubby's fault buying two bags of sweets , what was he playing at !

    Tell him to stick to his tat :-D


  • Aw thanks x Why x But its easy to be strong when you have so many good people like all of you to fall back onto x I try to be supportive after all If I can help but one person a day, having anxiety is finally worth something xx I will be trying to get a good nights sleep x I think its not so much the sleep more the quality x I keep waking up lol x

    Yes the hubbys fault x in fairness he had gone to next to pick up some little fairy lights lol xx :)

  • Oh little Fairy lights now , I cant wait to see when you are all trimmed up :-D


  • Hi Donna, sorry to hear you are not to good today, with the aches and pains, I hope its better for you tomorrow . And two bags of milk gums, at least you enjoyed them at the time, :) I am always sucking werthers, day and night, because I always seem to have a horrid metallic taste in my mouth, then wonder why I feel sick, :)



  • Hi Bonnie x I get that metallic taste to x normally when my iron levels are low x I have always suffered badly from anaemia so ive got used to it lol x Silly blood type of mine means im prone :) x But rare lol x:) Donna x

  • Yes I was thinking of it being iron, have had blood tests last Friday, so may show up in there, she said she was going to check it, a little while ago I was going to take iron tabs that you can get from the docs for a week and see what happened , as body is still very lethargic , and have to drag energy out of me, but that can also be the anxiety, so will see what tests have come back with :)



  • Ah yes if it was anaemia it would show in your blood tests x Iron tablets are very good but you have to find the right balance for you xx I can imagine your body is still very well tired out after all that sweet music and rocking its been doing x:) I have no doubt come ten tonight your energy levels had not rose significantly x Im sure your test results will be fine xx :) Donna x

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