Well ,panic set in as I knew it would this morning,panicky soni couldn't take a deep breath at all bythe timeI got to the dentist,I had my inhalers when I got ther ,strange thing though my peak flw ok on checking was fine ,yet still couldn't take a deep breath,had my treatment. ,dentist was lovely,yet even now 4hrs later I'm still struggling, feel so foolish that I can't cope after a good day yest,seeing my gp later,hope he may help

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  • Hi Meg

    Don't feel foolish you have done very well , in fact you have done better than I could have done !

    I know you suffer with Asthma which makes your breathing tight but so does anxiety & sometimes rather than it been your Asthma I think this feeling you cant get your breath is you have a little panic attack

    If your peak flow reading is fine is that not an indication that your Asthma is ok & it is possibly panic ?

    I am not a doctor & of course your GP will have given you all the information you need & when to take your inhalers it was just a thought

    You will still feel shaky as you have just faced a fear & the adrenalin that will have been used to to deal with this now needs to settle down so be kind to yourself this afternoon & rest :-)

    I am pleased though you have a nice dentist that understands as it does help & maybe next time when you have to go you wont feel as anxious :-)




  • Im ok on that now bev,she is lovely and explained my fears to her,she was able to do my filling without an injection o so that was good,it didn't help being anxious before I left though,hoping my go can sort out my a/d today ,later!still can't et a deep breath though xxx

  • Well you did well having a filling with no injection , I have to have several !!!

    Try not to focus to much how you are breathing or it can make it worse but just slowly take a deep breath in as far as you can manage count to 5 if you can & slowly let it back out

    Your breathing will come back to normal

    Hope you get your a/d sorted later :-)


  • Il let u know later xxx

  • Hi

    I said it could have been more panic you were feeling rather than your Asthma I suppose it can be a thin line judging which it is but I hope that it has helped seeing your GP & reassured you :-)

    Hope the new meds suite you better :-)


  • Feels so real bev when it's happening,he said the meds shouldn't cause me any probs,he said even though I feel breathless ,this air hunger, its not dangerous,and told me to remember that,it's a symptom of anxiety iv just took 1of my new meds,fingers crossed bev xxx

  • I know Meg it does feel real but try & remember the doctors words if you feel it again as it is true it wont harm you

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you



  • I will bev and thank you lovexxx

  • Just put something inthe oven for my tea and made a cup of tea,and try and put this awfull day behind me

  • I can't believe I got myself in such a state this morning for this to happen to me

  • Oh meg it happens to us all , you did really well though :-)

    Hope you enjoy your tea :-)


  • Not as well as yest though bev xxx

  • Well yesterday you had a check up today you had to have treatment which always makes us feel more anxious & Meg you had a filling without been numbed , I think you did excellent , I have not come across many people that can tolerate a filling without been numbed

    Don't judge yesterday on today , circumstances were different but for what you had to deal with today I think you did just as well :-)


  • Thank u for ur support love,hopethings may sort out nw with this new meds,chat to u later love ,if that's ok hugsxxx

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