What is wrong with me?

Last Thursday at 10 pm I felt like I couldn't breath, I freaked out and cried for about 10 minutes also started trembling, after I catched my breath and I felt okay. I went to the ER on sat because I have ahstma and they said there's no wheezing in my lungs or chest and my breathing sounds clear, my oxygen was at 100 and my blood pressure was good. Randomly I feel like I need to take a deep breath even if it's short and I feel like I'm forcing myself to breath. When this happens my mouth usually gets dry... It's driving me crazy...


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  • Yessiflower, As long as you have checked out at the ER with 100% oxygen levels clear lungs and breathing sounds, it sounds like an anxiety issue. Anxiety tends to constrict the muscles in our diaphragm which control our breathing. That feeling you sense is NOT coming from your lungs although we tend to associate it with not being able to take a full breath. The muscles in the upper stomach are so tense and tight that we feel as if we are having to force ourselves to take a deep breath. The more you try, the tighter it will get. Your mouth being dry is telling you it's anxiety based. The thing to do is to not force the issue of trying to get a full breath, rather just relax and take a few small breaths. Get involved with something else if you can and once you take your mind off breathing, the diaphragm will relax and you will feel the full breathe again.

  • This is helpful , I also feel this hunger in the upper part of my stomach even when I eat that feeling stays there and it's very uncomfortable along with the shortness of breath.

  • Yessiflower, it's not hunger that you are feeling but air that you are swallowing due to your anxiousness. It produces a similar feeling.

  • I feel like this all the time, you just need to remeber it isn't real.

  • A clear case of anxiety. No physical concerns. Try and work on relaxation techniques, mindfulness, yoga, progressive muscular relaxation and all that stuff.

    Don't google, don't worry, try and live life and be aware that your brain can mislead you about illnesses

  • Hi

    It sounds like you had an Anxiety/Panic attack next time you experience this take a deep breath in and count to 4 then slowly breathe out also if you can get a brown paper bag and breathe in and out in it that helps too then listen to relaxation music. I hope this helps x

  • Can the shortness of breath last days after the anxiety attack? It's not that I can't breath right now I just feel like I can't take in a deep breath and when that happens I feel fear.

  • Yes it can that's why I listen to relaxation music whenever I can as I find that helps, I also have rescue remedy pastilles which you can get at most super markets or health shops they are good for calming you down the more we worry about the anxiety attack the longer it takes to go but I know exactly how you feel.

  • If you ever want a chat just get in touch x

  • Thank you ... I'm 19 and don't want this getting in the way, it's a horrible feeling and its frustrating to have to battle my own brain everyday. It helps to know I'm not the only one although I don't wish this upon anyone.

  • You are def not the only one! I have generalise anxiety disorder and get panick attacks. Good advice here given; as i said on another post mindlefullness has been recommended; breathing exersizes may help; id listen to some relaxation music/learn relaxation techniques; try not to let this get a grip; its vile cos the symptoms are real; i have that thing too re cant catch my breath and that is one of the worst things! Go see your doctor too. Maybe you have stress in your life?? Take time out for yourself/ try to get proper rest/sleep/eat healthy too. Im going on a diet in January. gotta try and eat healthy; If you smoke, stop; i gotta give that up to in January. xx

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