?..........had a real bad night filled with axiety and panic

so last night I had a the worst night of my life...I had anxiety on the rise more then normal and then ended up having a full panic attack while walking to our car. It went away when I drove home. But as always the anxiety still remaind high. I finaly got to bed at 2am then woke up at 5 and been up. Im shaky and feel horrible. I am on my 16th day of setreline and still feel horrible. I still feel foggy and un balanced alot of the time. My work is being affected. Im sick if being sick ..... I just want to feel normal again


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  • Hi

    Sorry you have been experiencing a bad time with your anxiety

    You seemed to deal with the panic attack really well by going with it till it passed but after they do leave you feel drained

    Just over 2 weeks on the meds still isn't long they can take a little while longer to work & also make you feel worse before they make you feel better

    If you feel they are really not suiting you , have a word with your doctor they may decide to change them , see how you feel in a few days

    If you feel unfit & work is been affected is there anyway you could take time of ?

    I am not sure what your policy with this is where you are from but in the UK doctors will give sick notes , your job is still secure & you still get paid

    I understand the feeling of feeling sick of feeling sick but slowly this will improve , we need patience & it can be really hard & something we struggle with because of these feelings but give it time things will improve :-)




  • Thank you for the reply whywhy . I am self employed and cant afford to take time off. Its a vicious cycle. im trying to keep it together everyday with work and my family while I play the waiting game with this medication. Its so hard to manage. Im so thankful I can come onto here and recieve positive feedback.

  • Hi

    Oh I see that would be difficult then to take time of

    Take it a day at a time

    Give it another couple of weeks you should see a difference even if it is just a slight one & if you thing things are not improving by then I would go back & see my doctor as sometimes the dosage may need adjusting or even a different medication

    Let us know how you are feeling , I will keep my fingers crossed that these you are taking start working for you soon :-)


  • hey eddie..first of all I want you to know that you are not alone and there are people all over the world who are suffering..I think whywhy is right that just two weeks of meds won't bring a miraculous change..

    Although you are taking meds I think you should remove the mental dependency on them..eg feeling as if once you take the medicine you'll be alright or that as long as you are taking the meds you'll be okay..for that I think the first thing you need to do is decide that you will get yourself out of it..understand that the only person who can help you is you..you just need to tell yourself that you will defeat it..that you are strong and wont let it rule your life..DO IT WITH CONVICTION..

    Then you can start learning simple techniques and start taking baby steps..I know that anxiety is not easy to get rid of but atleast start..I am not talking about meds..I am talking about other things like first and foremost you should know the breathing technique...its breathing in on a count and breathing out on a count with a couple of no.s more..eg. breathe in slowly on 5 counts and then breathe out slowly on 7 or 8 counts..keep your mind on counting..close your eyes and visualise the numbers...the way they are written..their size..focus on your breathing

    breathing will regulate your heartbeat and calm you and visualising the numbers will distract your brain just like driving did coz you had to pay attention to the road..

    next time you have a panic attack even at work..do this breathing technique..give it 5 minutes before you allow yourself to meds..

    wishing you well..

  • Ive tried to beat my anxiety for the past 6 months and just couldnt handle it anymore and decided to get on meds. I beat it the first time i ever got it back 10 years ago without medication and lived a full healthy life. then just got it at 30 yrs old and just cant shake it. Thank you for the focus techniques . i will give them a try.

  • Why why is right eddie those bloody pills take a while... your 16 days in.. don't stop taking them before you talk to a gp... you'll suffer a withdrawal me thinks.. listen my friend ...you are handling your panic you got through it ....you didn't collapse or cause yourself any harm .... that's a success old bean.... your stronger than your mind is letting you believe..... give it a damn good talking to... it works for me most times.... I just stop and say 'wtf are you trying to do to me... stop messing with my life'..odd ...maybe..but hey odd fits...lol...keep posting ....steve..

  • Thank you shadow45 for the awesome words of encouragement.

    Ya I am going to stick it out as I came this far already. Im going to deff try your technique and talk myself into not falling into a panic attack. I appreciate the great advice and support. -Eddie

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