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Has anyone ever had a rash with nerves

hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has a rash, or heard of anyone ever having an itchy rash with nerves. Iv had it for a few years now, Dr has prescribed anti biotic creams and steroid creams, which take away the infection but not the rash because it comes back. Its really itchy, on my chest, back and stomach and i scratch of a night when im asleep. Its NOT bed bugs, fleas or anything else sinister, ive checked lol i keep my pets up to date with front line and i live in a tidy house. At the moment im gonna change my bold 3 liquid tabs in case it might be that. I cant think of anything else other than my nerves and anxiety. The itching is driving me mad and getting a bath every night soothes it for a while. Ive changed my soap from dove to shield and its not that. im stumped. Can anyone suggest anything?

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I do on occasions, it can be so intense but also at times no actual sign of a rash and like you I've eliminated all the possibles! I don't have any pets microscopic or otherwise. Rashes and nerves go together hand in hand, I think it could be that some rashes use the nerve pathways so there is a definite link. I'd be cautious about taking antibiotics and steroids if you think it's anxiety related tho, have you tried taking an anti histamine tablet? I haven't myself but have been wondering if it would work. I'm guessing if it's nerves then the change needs to come from within.... by the way 3 tabs is way too many unless you're washing muddy football kits so that could be a factor :)


lol i dont used 3 liquid tabs i meant bold3 lol...its anti biotic and steroid creams i rub into the affected area which dont work. i think im better off going the drs, it might be anxiety related. What ever it is, its driving me nuts x Thanks for your reply x


:) thought that was a bit excessive!


My son had this type of rash and it turned out to be urticaria. If it is that it is not harmful but very annoying and itchy. It's more common in people who tend to be allergic to things and to certain food also.

It's a good idea to change to a non-biological washing liquid.

Anti-histamine tablets work fairly well for it so you could ask your GP .......1 If he/she thinks it could be urticaria and 2 if an anti-histamone cream would help:

Here is a bit of information:

"Urticaria happens when a trigger causes high levels of histamine and other chemical messengers to be released in the skin.

These substances cause the blood vessels in the affected area of skin to open up (often causing redness or pinkness) and become leaky. This extra fluid in the tissues causes swelling and sometimes itchiness.

Histamine is released for a wide range of reasons, including:

an allergic reaction to substances such as latex

exposure to cold or heat


the direct effect of certain chemicals which can be found in some types of food and medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

However, in over half of acute urticaria cases, no obvious cause can be found.

In most cases of long-term urticaria, there is no obvious cause. However, most experts think it's often caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking healthy tissue. Certain triggers make the symptoms worse, such as:

drinking alcohol or caffeine

emotional stress

warm temperature

Read about the causes of urticaria.

Who is affected?

Urticaria is a common condition. It is estimated that around one person in six will have hives at some point.

The condition is most common in children, women aged 30–60 years old and people with a history of allergies.

Long-term urticaria is much less common and affects around 1 in 1,000 people in England. Women are twice as likely to develop chronic urticaria than men.


Thanks for your reply, mine is like hives, which is raised itchy bumps like what you mentioned urticaria and can be anxiety related, so i think il ask my dr to refer me to a dermatologist x


I sometimes get it underneath my breasts and the doctor gave me some canesten cream but he never said what it was called. Maybe it was the warmth and covered up skin. Anyway it does work. I don't get it often, more in the summer or when I wear a nylon bra xxxxxxxx


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