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Hi guys , just to let all of you my friends know had sime bloods done rang me next day I am low on vit d , im too scared to get my prescription, has I post my stomach is popping like s popcorn machine so windy , my bones have been achey so its no surprise o know surely its not all anxiety is it .my anxiety or my low vit d oh dear in a pickle. Binkynoo


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  • I have been on vitamin d for a while now as mine was very low. Well take some breaths sweetie it will be ok! I'm lying in bed thoughts racing feeling dizzy. I just hope I can be of help to others here! I don't take my vitamin d prescription. I take the gel caps from whole foods and last vitamin d test showed it is getting better! So that's one good thing! Hang in there ok? -hugs-

  • Are you dizzy just because of low vitamin D? I have very low vitamin D level and I feel dizzy everyday, haven't found the cause yet.

  • Honestly not sure why I get dizzy. I have severe anxiety, neck, head, shoulder and jaw pain.

  • I got that one too.. Dizziness everyday, thinking im gonna past out which is almost the other day..i got neck shoulder and headache then if i cant take it anymore i take nurofen...

  • I'm sorry it's just no fun!

  • Hi chubbers, Thankyou si much for your replies ,do what I did get checked out maybe get a bloods test could be anxiety but at least of nothing else , pau can be the worst even if anxiety related. My is worst when stress , il see what improves whilst taking vit d. Binkynoo

  • Yep I got blood test last week

  • Hi ya ,oh good I took a while to get courage to get mine ,have you had any results yet did you say, binkynoo

  • They were fine but I wasted an entire day worrying myself sick laying on my moms couch until the nurse called me 😥

  • I have the same thing like you do. Did vit D help you and how long did it take to improve your symptoms?

  • You need to take vit. D, I was very low and didn't feel right, my dr. gave me vit. D and it has worked. I take 500mg once aweek.

  • Low level vitamin D can cause anxiety symptoms . This vitamin is important to your health. Start taking them as soon as possible. It is just a vitamin. It's not a med that causes side effects or a dependence on. You should also eat foods with vitamin D and get outside and get some sun. The sun also gives you vitamin D. It might take awhile for you to get to normal levels . Do listen to your doctor. You did go to him for help and he is trying to help you. It will help with your anxiety symptoms as your levels improve. Just follow doctors directions.

  • I have very low VIT D. I didn't want to take my VIT D prescription at first then I talked to my doctor and changed my mind. I take it once a week for 3 months...I'm on month 2. And I have no side effects. Hope this helps.

  • Thankyou guys I will take advice and go first thing tomorrow morning it's worth it anything to help my anxiety. Big hugs all binkynoo

  • 😘🌹Good luck!💜💜

  • Hi:')

    I totally understand. If you've ever been agoraphobic, the # plummets from lack of sun. (Been there!)When you are low in vit D, you can be anxious and even depressed. I know you don't want to, but you need to ask someone to pick your script up maybe(or do u have it already )? Cuz over the counter D takes too long to help. I have to take 50,000 u /2x /wk. It helps me as far as that's concerned. Don't be afraid to take your vit D!😘

  • I was low on vit D because I don't get enough of sun light, I take it and it has helped me.

  • HI I've health anxiety i get stomach problems with it like a stuck wind feeling i also get tinnitus neck problems too.

  • Hellloo everyone ,

    At the mo im feeling raring to go and sure go gps in morn armed ready to get prescription, see what mg they are recc of vit d and go from there , im also go g to try ear better healthier diet !! Although I realky fancy a bbq chicken burger right now ha , another thing I'm pretty stressed out Im trying g to be superwoman /supermum im goung to s schedule some duvet days in &pamper tine if can being a working mum it's like having 2 kids wirh my partner too. Just having a rumble everyone,,it helps to let off a little stress to others helps ne realise I am under stress right now my self wirh anxiety/ health dosent help. I just the min but feels like can't go anywhere wirh my partner cis he wants to rush me ie if we gi suoermatket I can't think properly then I get upset more anxious why do they not understand then end up wirh nothing g needed forget stuff I really wanted then spend all evening blaming him that if he just let me get on wirh it helped to think what we needed is this normal ,my tummy taking the most stress now can feel it.

    . Hugs to all of us dealing wirh a hectic like ha ha that's just myself binkynoo

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