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The big Show is Tomorrow one of the songs in our show is in the words here been feeling pretty bad today so have come to bed this eve

Think I've over done today but had no option I'm self employed I also work from home that's is very stressful but I have plans to move my work into a shed in the back garden are there any biz peeps on here would be helpful to chat

I've done relaxing deep breathing but I think sometime you just have to get to bed and chill this has worked for me tonight I've lost 2 stone in 6 weeks my big question is will this be part of my life now or can I get better do peeps come and go on here I'm sure lots of you must have had this a long time I have not had this before dizziness yes stress yes had a panic attack when buying my first home but not Anxiety sorry about my grammar and spelling I am dyslexic as well by the way

Ou yes do any of you have tinnitus mine seems to get worse when the stress levels go up

Thanks for reading my moan rant over

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hi Bigguy

I suffer with tinnitus & I do feel when we are anxious we notice it more , yes its a nusiance , but think it wont hurt you , can you have another noise in the back ground , soft music or something , helps distract from the tinnitus

Dizziness is a typical anxiety symptom as well , i also get virtigo which adds to the dizzy spells , have you thought of asking your GP about this , there may be something they can give you to help

How have you lost 2 stone in 6 weeks through anxiety ? you need to eat , as if you are not will not help the dizzy spells , I no it can be hard when we feel stressed , but small amounts often , it all helps

You are not ranting or moaning this is what this site is for , to express how we feel & others relate & support each other , you keep talking about how you feel , its a big help

Dont worry about the grammer & dyslexic , my spelling is terrible but every one knows what each other is on about ;)





I agree with whywhy totally.

break a leg!

tell us all about it all when you've time.




It's 1:30 am have just woken about 25 mins ago thinking it was 6am looked at the clock seeing that it was 12:50 had a awfully bad panic attack wish this would go away shaken up some what did hypnoses using an app before sleep I was wondering if this was the cause feel that I should not go back to sleep until this passes


just try your deep breathing and hopefully you'll fall asleep.




Thanks why why


Hi BigGuy.

you are doing what I hope to do someday and am working towards :) running your own business and working from home. I think the idea of moving your office into your shed sounds great as it will give you a sense of detachment from being homed in all of the time, and when (or should I say if!?) the weather picks up it will be glorious :)

I agree with what you say about going to bed. sometimes you just need to give your mind and body a rest. I too lost a lot of weight when I suffered attacks so I understand your issue. It took me weeks to start eating again and when I did I had to force myself to as I felt so sick. But take it slowly and get some good food back into you :) Treat yourself to the things you really like.

I suffered my first attack a year ago. I thought I would never feel better and it would blight my life, however I feel better than ever now and strangely, the anxiety has made me a stronger person. I look after myself whereas before I pushed myself too far and never did anything for me. I do suffer small attacks and symptoms, but they last minutes and I can accept them.

Try not to let the anxiety worry you (I know that sounds ridiculous) but by accepting it, sometimes it makes the symptoms ease. when that tightness in your chest appears, ackowledge it and breathe through and focus on what it was you were doing. Try not to worry as that will make everything worse and your body will go into overdrive.

What do you do as a business?



I run with my wife a Drama School that's started to look great but the stress has taken its toll on me tonight is the first of 2 shows in our local arts centre big deal it looks great but I've had a dreadfully bad night woke with that first attack and another not so bad I've not got much to do tonight apart from helping the sound man but feel I will let every one down if I do not attend I think I should go and need to do a few jobs at 11:30 home for 12:30 think I might then go back to bed for a sleep (with luck) then to the show


Hi BigGuy. That sounds great. You're obviously doing something you love but even that can cause stress. Perhaps getting there and seeing all of these things take place might take your mind off the actual symptoms of anxiety? (although I know that is easier said than done.) I hope you have felt a little better this afternoon and that your first big show goes OK.


Thanks Mandy26


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